Accident Man

posted 14 May 2018, 13:50 by Paul Woodward

Genre: Action

Stars: Scott Adkins / Ray Stevenson / Ashley Greene / Amy Johnston / Ray Park / Michael Jai White / David Paymer

Director: Jesse V Johnson

Certificate: 15

Run Time: 1hr 45mins

Year: 2018

‘Accident Man’ is centred around Mike Fallon an assassin whose speciality is making his kills look like accidents. He’s part of a club of assassins controlled by his mentor Big Ray who runs the pub they all frequent and get their jobs from. Upon discovering his ex-girlfriend has been murdered, he goes on a rampage to discover the truth and kill those responsible.

This is an old-fashioned action film complete with cheesy one liners and quips. I found it really enjoyable, the action sequences are where the film shines, not just because of the choreography but the athleticism and skills of the actors involved. Adkins is a phenomenal performer and his stunt work in major films highlight how skilled he is, amongst the cast you have other stunt/actors in prominent roles like Ray Park, Michael Jai White and Amy Johnston and this high level of physical talent is showcased during the fight scenes.

This is a very British film, not just in it’s location but in its dialogue – Had this film been made by an American company other than its location it would have lost that colloquial touch that all the actors and the script throw into it.

It has a very humorous touch but it’s very dark humour obviously given its subject matter. It can be quite quirky, the humour and the over the top characters make for an outlandish film, I know many prefer gritty realism, but this exaggerated adrenaline fuelled romp of blood and high kicks is just plain fun escapism!

It’s based on a British comic book and whether it’s intentional or not I’m not sure but there are aspects to the film that make it seem comic book-ish, one of the main things is the heavy use of narration from Adkin’s Mike Fallon, which keeps the flow of the plot going and shows us what’s going on in his mind and also giving us an insight into his persona.

Low budget action films can range drastically in quality, but Accident Man is certainly one of Adkin’s better ones. Although it is low budget, its not obvious the film does have a slick sheen and never feels cheap, so hats off to all those involved in making this film look as good as it does with a tight budget.

The acting isn’t too bad, although none of these actors are going to be in the next Oscar bait film in prominent roles. Where most these guys excel is in the action scenes and I’m really impressed with Amy Johnston I hope her career continues to see her in acting roles not just as a stunt woman. Ray Stevenson does his menacing hard as nail thing, throwing plenty of C bombs in the mix – you definitely wouldn’t want to bump into this guy in a dark alley.

That said in comparison to the physical action stars of the Eighties/Nineties, Adkins, Park and Johnston look like seasoned Shakespearean actors! So I shouldn’t be overly critical.

The film doesn’t take it self too seriously and whilst trying to keep the action explosive and the plot edgy – it does throw humour frequently into the mix, including some swipes at themselves, like a self-aware quip Adkins makes about having the same haircut since he was 12.

If you’re looking for an action film which you can just sit back and enjoy this is well worth a look. The action scenes are top notch and well performed and the outlandish characters and tongue in cheek humour make for a great change of pace from the gritty realism we get mostly nowadays.


Review by Woody