Woody's Round Up Radio Show (19/11/17)

posted 19 Nov 2017, 07:34 by Paul Woodward


Airbound – ‘She’s A Girl’

Raintimes – ‘I Need Tonight’

Wildness – ‘Stranger’

Scherer / Batten – ‘What Do You Really Think?’

Ailafar – ‘Bucket List’

Dante Fox – ‘How Do We Learn About Love’

Babylon AD – ‘Don’t Tell Me Tonight’

Midnite City – ‘We Belong’

Boulevard – ‘Come Together’

Mindfeels – ‘Don’t Leave Me Behind’

Tragik – ‘Not Over You’

The Dark Element – ‘The Ghost and The Reaper’

Target – ‘Come On’

Vandenberg’s Moonkings – ‘Angel In Black’

Madman’s Lullaby – ‘Don’t Walk Away’

Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Bullet For My Baby’

Gypsy Soul – ‘Burning In Her Fire’

Appice – ‘In The Night’

Autograph – ‘You Are Us, We Are You’

Pink Cream 69 – ‘Path Of Destiny’

Madam X – ‘Die Tryin’

Buckingham/McVie – ‘Feel About You’

Sweet & Lynch – ‘Find Your Way’

Enrico Sarzi – ‘Let Me Go’

Kelidian – ‘Nightfall’

Angel Nation – ‘Enough is Enough’

Metalite – ‘Over and Done’