Woody's Round Up Podcast (16/3/18)

posted 26 Mar 2018, 12:55 by Paul Woodward

Vega – Last Man Standing

Bonfire – Crazy Over You

Perfect Plan – In and Out Of Love

Issa – Come Back Again

ReVertigo – Sailing Stones

Code Red – Heat Of The Night

Panorama – Heart Has Been Broken

Heartwind – Too Late For Roses

Unruly Child – Who Cries Now (Live)

Michael Thompson Band – 72 Camaro

Rubicon – My One and Only

Crosson – Broken

Leverty – Love Is A Song

Fireblast – Frozen Tears

Shiraz Lane – The Crown

Doomsday Outlaw – Over and Over

Coreleoni – Anytime Anywhere

Little Caesar – Good Times

Shakra – Something You Don’t Understand

Bullet – Fuel The Fire

Voices Of Extreme – Unbroken

Jaded Heart – Wasteland

Art Nation – Infected

Animal Drive – Devil Took My Beer Again

Rick Parfitt – Long Distance Love

Praying Mantis – Gravity

Dukes of the Orient – Time Waits For No One

Tomorrow Is Lost – We Are The Lost