Woody's Round Up (14/1/18) Podcast

posted 14 Jan 2018, 17:19 by Paul Woodward

Fire Tiger – ‘Love The Way’

The Radio Sun – ‘Unstoppable’

Flashbot – ‘Tonight With You’

Dukes of The Orient – ‘Strange Days’

Taste – ‘We Are Back’

The Spin – ‘The Life of a Hero’

Voodoo Circle – ‘Just Take My Heart’

Chris Bay – ‘Flying Hearts’

Aerodyne – ‘Run Away’

Impera – ‘The Right Stuff’

Nasty High – ‘Here We Are’

Ignore The Sign – ‘Saviours of Rock’

Sebastien – ‘Amy’

Sugarland – ‘Still The Same’

Andy Basiola – ‘Let’s Rock N Roll’

The Dead Daisies – ‘Song and a Prayer’

Thundermother – ‘Rip Your Heart Out’

Roadcase Royale – ‘Cover Each Other’

The Killers – ‘Run For Cover’

Betty Moon – ‘Natural Disaster’

Gleb Kolyadin – ‘The Best of Days’

Black Moth – ‘Moonbow’

Cry Wolf – ‘On The Run’

The Cutting Crew – ‘(I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight’

Damn Yankee’s – ‘Silence Is Broken’

Damned Nation – ‘The Reason I Live’

The Darkness – ‘Growing On Me’

Deadline – ‘Love’s A Battle’

Device – ‘Who Says’

Def Leppard – ‘Torn To Shreds’