Woody's Rock Reviews September 2016 video playlist

posted 2 Oct 2016, 13:38 by Paul Woodward

The Woody’s Rock Reviews September 2016 video playlist is now ready for you to check out – Just click the link below.

Woody’s Rock Reviews September 2016 video playlist

Stop Stop – ‘Won’t Hold Me back’

C.T.P – ‘Now and Then’ album teaser

Sonata Arctica – ‘Life’

Grim Reaper – ‘Walking In The Shadows’

Civil War – ‘Road To Victory’

Bad Touch – ‘99%’

Dee Snider – ‘We Are The Ones’

Roth Brock Project – ‘Young Again’

Mad Margritt – ‘Liar’

Hungryheart – ‘There Is A Reason For Everything’

Last Great Dreamers – ‘Oblivion Kids’

Metallica – ‘Moth Into Flame’

Tyketto – ‘Big Money’

Hardline – ‘In The Dead Of The Night’

Fliptop Box – ‘Blast’

Reece – ‘Fear’

Wild Souls – ‘Dirty Mind’

Bulletrain – ‘Fear’

Charming Grace – ‘Gotta Get Away’

Maverick – ‘Whiskey Lover’

Seven – ‘Fight’

Eden’s Curse – ‘The Great Pretender’

Graham Bonnet Band – ‘Into The Night’

Stefan Berggren – ‘Stranger In A Strangeland’

Glenn Hughes – ‘Heavy’

Diamond Head – ‘All The Reasons You Live’

Pretty Maids – ‘Humanize Me’

Nine Miles South – ‘Bones’

The Mercy Kills – ‘She Knows’

Damian Wilson – ‘Thrill Me’

Airbourne – ‘Rivalry’

Raveneye – ‘Madeline’

The Radio Sun – ‘Standing On The Edge of Love’

Roth Brock Project – ‘We Are’

Goldray – ‘Soul Child’

Operation: Mindcrime – Taking On The World

Soul Seller – ‘Tide Is Down’

Stephen Pearcy – ‘I Can’t Take It’

Letters From The Fire – ‘Perfect Life’

Kansas – ‘Visibility Zero’

Cry Of Dawn – ‘Tell Me’

The Answer – ‘Solas’

Ray Wilson – ‘They Never Should Have Sent You Roses’

Soul Seller – ‘Matter Of Faith’ album EPK

Mecca – ‘Gone’

Saecred Spirit – ‘Unbreakable’

Rock Wolves – ‘Rock The Nations’

Art Nation – ‘We Are Better Together’

Tygers Of Pan Tang – ‘Only The Brave’

Night Legion – ‘Night Legion’

Epica – ‘Edge Of The Blade’

Skillet – ‘Stars’

Alter Bridge – ‘My Champion’

Kee Marcello – ‘Don’t Miss You Much’

Heartbanger – ‘Through The Dark’

Skarlett Riot – ‘The Wounded’

Tyketto – ‘I Need It Now’

Mad Invasion – ‘Hold On’

Deacon Blue – ‘This Is A Love Song’

Hardline – ‘Nobody’s Fool’

Evergrey – ‘Passing Through’

Crystal Ball – ‘Deja Voodoo’

Pain – ‘Black Knight Satellite’

Jace Pawlak – ‘Promise’ album sampler

Hartmann – ‘When Your Mama Was A Hippie’

Creye – ‘Never Too Late’

Tesla – ‘Save That Goodness’