Woody’s Rock Reviews October Music Video Playlist

posted 2 Nov 2017, 09:19 by Paul Woodward

My latest monthly round up of all the latest music videos is now completed and ready for you to check out at October music video playlist

Video listing

Anavae – ‘All Or Nothing’

Operation Mindcrime – ‘Wake Me Up’

Raintimes – ‘Swan’

Appice – ‘Monsters and Heroes’

Lynch Mob – ‘Miles Away’

Skarlett Riot – ‘Warrior’

Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Feels Like Forever’

Fiction Syxx – ‘Given Sight’

Jessica Wolff – ‘Saving Someone Else’

Airbound – ‘Have A Good Time’

Sons Of Apollo – ‘Lost in Oblivion’

Moritz – ‘To The Moon and Back’

Cardiant – ‘Life Has Just Begun’

Mindfeels – ‘Soul Has Gone Away’

Diamond Black – ‘Sorrow’

Burn – ‘Jealousy’

Helloween – ‘Pumpkin United’

Eisley/Goldy – ‘The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’

Bigfoot – ‘Karma’

The Dark Element – ‘Dead To Me’

Dante Fox – ‘Firing My Heart’

The Radio Sun – ‘Tonight’s The Night’

Amberian Dawn – ‘I’m The One’

Rage For Order – ‘Abduction’

Madman’s Lullaby – ‘One Shot’

Soul Seller – ‘Get Stronger’

Pink Cream 69 – ‘Man Of Sorrow’

Rantimes – ‘Forever Gone’

Jono – ‘No Return’

Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘Girls All Over The World’

Pat Benatar – ‘Dancing Through The Wreckage’

Mallen – ‘The Otherside’

Raw Silk – ‘Chimera’

First Night – ‘Breaking My Heart’

Reece – ‘Ignited’

Romeo Riot – ‘Room To Run’

Metalite – ‘Nightmare’

Revolution Saints – ‘Take You Down’

Gathering Of Kings – ‘Forever and a Day’

Houston – ‘Dangerous Love’

Deep Purple – ‘The Surprising’

Haim – ‘Little Of Your Love’

Echosmith – ‘Get Into My Car’

The Dark Element – ‘Here’s To You’

Code Red – ‘Heat Of The Night’

Powerquest – ‘Lords Of Tomorrow’

Midnite City – ‘Summer of our Lives’

Panic Fire – ‘Kiloton Heart’