Woody's Rock Reviews October 2016 music video playlist

posted 2 Nov 2016, 07:17 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 2 Nov 2016, 07:18 ]

The Woody’s Rock Reviews October 2016 music video playlist is now ready for you to enjoy – crank it up!

Woody's Rock Reviews October 2016 music video playlist

Sweet Creature – ‘Not Like Others’

Hammerfall – ‘Hammer High’

Civil War – ‘Road To Victory’

Rock Wolves – ‘Rock The Nations’

Burntfield – ‘My Grief’

Niva – ‘Dressed To Kill’

Alessandro Del Vecchio – ‘Strange World’

Crossbones – ‘Red’

Glenn Hughes – ‘Long Time Gone’

Overland – ‘Edge Of the Universe’

Roth Brock Project – ‘Young Gun’

Colour Of Noise – ‘Medicine Man’

Eternal Idol – ‘Evil Tears’

Glenn Hughes – ‘Let It Shine’

Graham Bonnet – ‘California Air’

Kee Marcello – ‘Black Hole Star’

FM – ‘Frozen Heart’

Roth Brock Project – ‘If That’s What It Takes’

Bon Jovi – ‘Knockout’

Kings Of Leon – ‘Waste A Moment’

Beth Hart – ‘Love Is A Lie’

Snakeskyn Whiskey – ‘Outta My Way’

Heaven Below – ‘Renegade Protest Movement’

Sky Of Forever – ‘Summer Rain’

Jimmy Eat World – ‘You Are Free’

Still Living – ‘Shelter’

Forever Still – ‘Miss Madness’

Kenny Dubnam – ‘Ain’t Too Late For Memphis’

Danger Angel – ‘To Kill A Saint’

Voodoo Vegas – ‘Killing Joke’

Bryan Cole – ‘We Lost The Fire’

Boneyard Dog – ‘Lonely Road’

Hevidence – ‘Dig In The Night’

White Widdow – ‘Surrender My Heart’

Pretty Maids – ‘Heaven’s Little Devil’

Eternal Idol – ‘Another Night Comes’

Tigertailz – ‘All The Girls In The World’

Crosson – ‘Rip Out My Heart’

Crossbones – ‘Rock The Cradle’

Altered Sky – ‘Livewire’

King Of Bones – ‘Hold Me Closer’

Glenn Hughes – ‘My Town’

The Answer – ‘Solas’

Sirenia – ‘The 12th Hour’

Graham Bonnet – ‘Dead Man Walking’

Death and Legacy – ‘What Never Will Be’

Kee Marcello – ‘Wild Child’

Blackberry Smoke – ‘Waiting For the Thunder’

FM – ‘That Girl’

Tyketto – ‘Scream’

Amaranthe – ‘That Song’

Cherry Grind – ‘Dusty Road’

Steel Panther – ‘She’s Tight’

Liberty Lies – ‘Are You Listening’

Hardline – ‘Take You Home’

PJ Farley – ‘The Fallen’