Woody's Rock Reviews May 2016 Music Video Playlist

posted 2 Jun 2016, 13:45 by Paul Woodward

The Woody’s Rock Reviews May 2016 music video playlist is ready for you to check out!

Woody's Rock Reviews May 2016 Music Video Playlist

This month’s playlist is…

Land Of Tales – ‘Debutant’

Crash Midnight – ‘Roxy’

Garbage – ‘Empty’

Jorn – ‘Running Up That Hill’

Cranston – ‘See You On The Other Side’

Shotgun Revolution – ‘City Of Fire’

Volbeat – ‘The Devil’s Bleeding Crown’

Jared James Nichols – ‘Don’t You Try’

The Babes – ‘Bad News’

Diamond Lane – ‘Slipping Away’

Outlasted – ‘Someone Like You’

Raveneye – ‘Breaking Out’

First Signal – ‘Minute Of Your Time’

Rexoria – ‘Run For Your Life’

Paris – ‘Kitesurfing’

Lizhard – ‘Bigger, Better, Stronger’ EPK

RebelHot – ‘Shake It’

Faitshedge – ‘Never A Day’

Punky Meadows – ‘Fallen Angel’

Q5 – ‘The Right Way’

Dan Reed Network – ‘Infected’

Jorn – ‘Stormbringer’

Station – ‘One & Only’

Alex Winters – ‘Black Rose’

Trick Or Treat – ‘United’

Loverboy – ‘Hurtin’

Soto – ‘Unblame’

Sunstrike – ‘Head Over Heels’

Punky Meadows – ‘Fallen Angel’ teaser

Withem – ‘In The Hands Of A God’

First Signal – ‘Karma’

Phantom 5 – ‘Someday’

Jorn – ‘Live To Win’

Q5 – ‘New World Order’ EPK

Phantom V EPK

Dan Reed Network – ‘Champion’

Mike Tramp – ‘Stay’

Thirteen Stars – ‘Daddy’s Girl’

Wild Rose – ‘Summer Girl’

Devil Skin – ‘Never See The Light’

Doomsday Outlaw – ‘Fallback’

Sunstorm – ‘Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye’

Lords Of Black – ‘Cry No More’

JoanOvArc – ‘White Trash’

Romantic Rebel – ‘Too Far’

Porn Queen – ‘Killer Machine’

Ted Poley – ‘Let’s Start Something’

Savage – ‘Lock N Load’

Danger Angel – ‘Dia De Los Muertos’

Vega – ‘White Flag’

Jesse Damon – ‘You Got Me Rockin’

First Signal – ‘Love Runs Free’