Woody's Rock Reviews March 2016 Music Video Playlist

posted 31 Mar 2016, 07:27 by Paul Woodward
The Woody’s Rock Reviews March 2016 music video playlist is ready for you to check out!

Woody's Rock Reviews March 2016 music video playlist

This month’s playlist is…

Dion Bayman – ‘One More Reason’

The Defiants – ‘Take Me Back’

LA Knights – ‘Psychoanalyze’

Darby Mills – ‘Flying Solo’ album sampler

Midnight Eternal – ‘First Time Thrill’

Rachel Lorin – ‘The Right Thing To Fight For’

Cheap Trick – ‘When I Wake Up Tomorrow’

Lee Aaron – ‘Fire and Gasoline’

Nemesea – ‘Twilight’

Zhiva – ‘Broken’

Toxic Rose – ‘World Of Confusion’

Danger Zone – ‘Go!’

Doro – ‘Love’s Gone To Hell’

Drive She Said – ‘In R Blood’

DeVIence – ‘Move’

Toseland – ‘Puppet On A Chain’

Shiraz Lane – ‘House Of Cards’

La Ventura – ‘As I Lay Dying’

Treat – ‘Ghost Of Graceland’

Chasing Dragons – ‘Devil In Her Eyes’

Steelheart – ‘My Love Is Gone’

Emma Stevens – ‘Never Gonna Change’

AOR – ‘One Foot In Heaven’

Daniel Trigger – ‘Close My Eyes’

Soley Mourning – ‘Killing Time’

Wild Rose – ‘Desperate Heart’

Lucer – ‘Midnight Sun’

Nitroville – ‘Louisiana Bone’

The Treatment – ‘Backseat Heartbeat’

Dynazty – ‘The Human Paradox’

Hardreams – ‘Countdown Time’

Soto – ‘Weight Of The World’

W.A.N.T.E.D – ‘Jonanna’

VEGA – ‘Every Little Monster’

A Perfect Day – ‘In The Name Of God’

Blaze Bayley – ‘Human’

Sunstorm – ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’

Ted Poley – ‘Higher’

Phantom V – ‘All The Way’

Showbiz – ‘What You See Is What You Get’

Abraham Sarache – ‘The Crush: Eyes Of Fire’

Circus Maximus – ‘Remember’

The Treatment – ‘Let It Begin’

Christina Martin – ‘You Ran From Me’

R5 – ‘Dark Side’

The Definants – ‘Waiting On A Heartbreak’

Magnum – ‘Your Dreams Don’t Die’

Shiraz Lane – official EPK

Radio Exile – ‘Soul Fire’

Drive She Said – ‘Pedal To The Metal’

Lords Of Black – ‘Merciless’

Treat – ‘Endangered’

The Treatment – ‘Bloodsucker’

Frail Sincerity – ‘When The Morning Comes & Sweet California Dreaming’ (LIVE)

Alex & Co – ‘Private Fantasy’

Wild Rose – ‘4’ album sampler

Lee Aaron – ‘Tom Boy’

Beyond The Black – ‘Lost In Forever’