Woody’s Rock Reviews July 2016 music video playlist

posted 31 Jul 2016, 08:21 by Paul Woodward

The Woody’s Rock Reviews June 2016 music video playlist is ready for you to check out!

Woody's Rock Reviews July 2016 Music Video Playlist

This month’s playlist is…

Epica – ‘Universal Death Squad’

Cry Of Dawn – ‘Listen To Me’

Mecca – ‘Let It Go’

Diemonds – ‘Secret’

Operation: Mindcrime – ‘Left For Dead’

Raveneye – ‘Hero’

Saxon – ‘Dogs Of War’

Catwalk – ‘Fire In Your Heart’

Tarja – ‘Innocence’

The Dead Daises – ‘Long Way To Go’

Alterbridge – ‘Show Me A Leader’

The Quireboys – ‘Twisted Love’

Roadkill – ‘Ready For War’

The Soap Girls – ‘Bad Bitch’

Lee Aaron – ‘Bad Boyfriend’

Doomsday Outlaw – ‘Bring You Pain’

Sixtynine – ‘Don’t Give Up’

Jaded Past – ‘Don’t Judge’

Cry Of Dawn album trailer

Palace – ‘Part Of Me’

Budderside – ‘Pain’

Quietdrive – ‘Without My Hands’

Zodiac – ‘Follow You’

Cruzh – ‘Aim For The Head’

Paris – ‘End Of My World’

King Company – ‘Shining’

House Of Shakira – ‘Trail By Fire’

Dead Letter Circus – ‘In Plain Sight’

Mitch Malloy – ‘My Therapy’

Buzzard – ‘Kamikaze’

Crystal Palace – ‘Hearts On Sale’

OD album trailer

Dan Reed Network – ‘The Brave’

King Company – ‘One For The Road’ EPK

Iron Bridge – ‘The Fall’

Blind Tiger – ‘White Noise’

KillIT – ‘Crash and Burn’

Michael Sweet – ‘One Sided War’ EPK

Jaded Past – ‘Shattered’

First Signal – ‘Weigh Me In’

Ghost Season – ‘Break My Chains’

Arkham’s Razor album trailer

Joanne Shaw Taylor – ‘No Reason To Stay’

Jim Peterik – ‘We All Bleed Red’

Castle – ‘Hammer and the Cross’

Glamory – ‘Hell Yeah!’

Four By Fate – ‘Moonshine’

Dare – ‘Sacred Ground’ album teaser

Eden’s Curse – ‘Sell Your Soul’

The Amorettes – ‘Let The Neighbours Call The Cops’

Sinema – ‘I Don’t Know’

Horizon’s Edge – ‘Vagabond’

Bad Touch – ‘Wise Water’

Lizhard – ‘Funkytown’

Skillet – ‘Feel Invincible’

The House Of Ghosts – ‘Pulse’

Sum 41 – ‘Fake My Own Death’

Blink 182 – ‘No Future’

Foghat – ‘Hot Mama’

Biffy Clyro – ‘Animal Style’