Woody's Rock Reviews December 2017 music video playlist

posted 7 Jan 2018, 13:49 by Paul Woodward

The December music video playlist is now ready, check below for a list of videos featured, so click the link and crank it up!

December 2017 music video playlist

Reach – ‘The Great Divine’

Code Red – ‘I Won’t be Your Hero’

PAL – ‘Double Nature’

Blood Red Saints – ‘Wake Up’

Blood Red Saints – ‘Live & Die’

Coreleoni – ‘Walk On Water’

Stereo Satellites – ‘Glass Houses’

The Grand Masquerade – ‘Say You’re Mine’

Silked and Stained – ‘Anytime, Anywhere’

Edenthorn – ‘Hearts Still Beating’

The King Lot – ‘Maybe They’re Watching Us’

Boulevard – ‘Life Is A Beautiful Thing’

Voodoo Circle – ‘Running Away From Love’

Rexoria – ‘Queen of Light’

Ignore The Sign – ‘When Words Ain’t Enough’

Heaven & Earth – ‘Hellfire’

Shiraz Lane – ‘Carnival Days’

Jack Russell’s Great White – ‘Blame It On The Night’

Kane’d – ‘Show Me Your Skeleton’

Fahran – ‘State Of Mind’

Fiction Syxx – ‘Where We Belong’

Magnum – ‘Without Love’

Denied – ‘Beggars and Thieves’

Mindfeels – ‘Skyline’

Angra – ‘Travellers In Time’

Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins – ‘Avengers of Eden’

Saxon – ‘Thunderbolt’

Sister Shotgun – ‘Silhouettes’

The Rasmus – ‘Silver Night’

Scorpions – ‘Follow Your Heart’

Visions Of Atlantis – ‘Return To Lemuria’

Scherer / Batten – ‘Space and Time’

Kings Call – ‘Cry On The Wind’

Lissie – ‘Blood and Muscle’

Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘Feel The Heat’

Chris Bay – ‘Radio Starlight’