Woody’s Rock Reviews August 2016 video playlist

posted 1 Sep 2016, 08:22 by Paul Woodward

The Woody’s Rock Reviews August 2016 music video playlist is ready for you to check out!

Woody’s Rock Reviews August 2016 video playlist

This month’s playlist is…

Change Of Heart – ‘Rise To The Challenge’

The Union Of Saints and Sinners – ‘Independence Day’

Operation: Mindcrime – ‘The Fight’

Helix – ‘(Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead’

Cry Of Dawn – ‘Tell It To My Heart’

Raveneye – ‘Walls’

Shiraz Lane – ‘Momma’s Boy’

From The Fire – ‘Madman’

Blind Ego – ‘Blackened’

Vektrill – ‘I’ll Never Die’

Bad Seed Rising – ‘Fighting Gravity’

Wild Souls – ‘Game Of Love’ album preview

Pretty Maids – ‘Face The World’

Seven – ‘Light Of A 1000 Eyes’

Kee Marcello – ‘Scaling Up’

The Answer – ‘Beautiful World’

Beneath The Silence – ‘Find Your Way’

Cruzh – ‘Aim For The Head’

Hammerfall – ‘The Scared Vow’

Joanne Shaw Taylor – ‘Dyin’ To Know’

Emma Varg – ‘Mother Mary’

Narnia – ‘Reaching For The Top’

Tyketto – ‘Reach’

Last Flight To Pluto – ‘Heavy Situation’

Grand Rezerva – ‘Hell and High water’

Hardline – ‘Where Do We Go From Here’

Powerquest – ‘Face The Raven’

Lydia Loveless – ‘Longer’

Taking Back Sunday – ‘Tidal Wave’

Metallica – ‘Hardwired’

Yellowcard – ‘The Hurt Is Gone’

Switchfoot – ‘Float’

Raveneye – ‘Inside’

Palace – ‘Cool Runnin’’

Edge Of Paradise – ‘Shade Of Crazy’

Bigfoot – ‘Run’

Cruzh – ‘Set Me Free’

Seventh Wonder – ‘Welcome To Mercy Falls’

DGM – ‘Fallen’

Big City – ‘Daemon In The Dark’

King Company – ‘No Man’s Land’

Bon Jovi – ‘This House Is Not For Sale’

Airless – ‘Then I Walk Away’

Serious Black – ‘As Long As I’m Alive’

Hansen and Friends – ‘Born Free’

Danger Angel – ‘Who You Are’

Dante Fox – ‘All Eyes On You’

Dimino – ‘Never Again’

Toseland – ‘We’ll Stop At Nothing’

Miss Behaviour – ‘Friendly Fire’

Cry Of Dawn – ‘Chance’

O’Regan – ‘Polymorphic Tradgey’ album sampler

Kingbreaker – ‘Bury The Witness’

Kansas – ‘With This Heart’

The Radio Sun – ‘Switch The World Off Tonight’

Killatrix – ‘FRFGT’

Palace – ‘Path To Light’

Delain – ‘The Glory and the Scum’

Cruzh – ‘Hard To Get’

Lorraine Cross – ‘At Close Range’

Vicious Rumours – ‘Take It or Leave It’

Running Wild – ‘Rapid Foray’ album sampler

Delain – ‘Suckerpunch’

Madame Mayhem – ‘Left For Dead’

DGM – ‘Ghost Of Insanity’

King Company – ‘Cast Away’

Maverick – ‘Asylum’

Altered Sky – ‘Stupid In The Dark’