Shining Line: reissue of debut CD on Street Symphonies Records

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:22 by Paul Woodward

Street Symphonies Records is proud to announce a licensing agreement for the reissue of Shining Line's debut album, with an official release expected for September 30, 2016.

With a big impact on the melodic rock scene during 2010 thanks to a stellar cast with more than 30 renowned guests from the melodic rock circles, this AOR all-star project (created by the artistic partnership between fellow Italian drummer/songwriter Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti and bass-player Amos Monti) is ready to be re-released on a brand new limited collectors' edition (printed in only 500 copies) with renewed cover artwork (made by Antonella Astori) and the addition of one bonus track, not included in the original version.

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Edge Of Forever) and mixed/mastered by Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max, Voices Of Rock) in his Kidroom Studios in Germany, Shining Line's debut album represented a fundamental step in the artistic career of Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti, that would become in the years to come a key point for other welcome projects just like Charming Grace and Room Experience, not to mention the newly announced international band Rantimes, with a release date expected in 2017 via Frontiers Music SRL.



Shining Line - Street Symphonies Reissue Tracklist:


01. Highway Of Love (feat. Erik Martensson)

02. Amy (feat. Harry Hess)

03. Strong Enough (feat. Robbie LaBlanc)

04. Heaven's Path (Instrumental)

05. Heat Of The Light (feat. Robin Beck)

06. Can't Stop The Rock (feat. Mikael Erlandsson)

07. The Meaning Of My Lonely Words (feat. Michael Shotton)

08. The Infinity In Us (feat. Michael Voss)

09. Still In Your Heart (feat. Bob Harris & Sue Willetts)

10. Homeless' Lullaby (feat. Carsten "Lizard" Schulz & Ulrich Carlsson)

11. Follow the Stars (feat. Phil Vincent)

12. Unbreakable Wire (feat. Jack Meille, Bruno Kraler, Graziano De Murtas & Alessandro Del Vecchio)

13. This Is Our Life (feat. The Italian Rock Gang - EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK)

14. Under Silent Walls Part I - Blossom: From Night to Dawn (Instrumental)

15. Under Silent Walls Part II - Alone (feat. Michael Bormann)

16. Under Silent Walls Part III - Overture: Death of Cupid (Instrumental)