PreHistoric Animals

posted 25 Jan 2016, 08:05 by Paul Woodward

PreHistoric Animals are a new prog duo from Sweden, they have a couple of singles out, ‘Burn The Ground’ and ‘One Day Came A Ghost’. Now normally the word ‘Prog’ is a massive turn off for me and I usually choose to pass by any bands who fall into that genre. But I gave both the songs a good listen regardless and actually quite enjoyed them and while they fit nicely into the Prog bracket they also have very strong melodies, which is what dragged me in and kept me intrigued. They also have alternative touches to their sound which makes them more contemporary and a little different from the Prog behemoths and those emulating the classic seventies sound. They have a very atmospheric sound which makes me think of Hogarth era Marillion and they have very strong and large choruses, Prog fans should go all weak at the knee’s for these Swede’s!

Check out the soaring Guitar riff on ‘Burn The Ground’ absolutely awesome, if that doesn’t hook you in nothing will!

As a relatively new band they don’t have much of a web presence as yet, but you can find them on facebook at

They are also on Spotify PreHistoric Animals - Spotify

And here’s the video for ‘One Day Came A Ghost’