Melodic Times May - Melodic Rock and AOR News Round-Up

posted 13 May 2018, 13:34 by Paul Woodward

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Jizzy Pearl - 'High For An Eye' audio video

Sunstorm - 'Only The Good Will Survive' audio video

Diamond Black - 'The Ghost In The Glass' lyric video

Original Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey is going on the road playing classic Lizzy album Alive and Dangerous at select venues in the UK, including The Robin in Bilston on Saturday the 29th of September.

In shock news – Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino have announced a UK tour! The guitarist and vocalist are best known for their work with renown Seventies AOR group Angel – This show is being billed as featuring a full Angel set – so plenty for fans of that band to get excited for. The shows include a performance at The Robin in Bilston on Sunday the 14th of October.

The Senior Management are a new band featuring popular melodic rock vocalist Goran Edman. They have been signed to Melodic Rock Records and their self-titled debut album will be released on May 30th.

The Senior Management - 'A Message From You' audio video

Gathering Of Kings - 'Saviour' audio video

Vile Caliber - 'Willpower' music video

Mass will release When 2 Worlds Collide via Escape Music on May 25th. It will include the tracks ‘Just Can’t Deny’, ‘Only A Dream’, ‘Revenge Of The Maiden’ and ‘Turn It Over’.

TNT - 'Tears In My Eyes' audio video

Praying Mantis - 'Keep It Alive' audio video

Norwegian rockers TNT release their thirteenth album XIII on June 8th via Frontiers Records. It will include the tracks ‘Not feeling Anything’, ‘Where You Belong’, ‘Can’t Breathe Anymore’ and ‘Sunshine’. This is the first album to feature new vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara.

Grand Design - 'Aim for the Heart' music video

Refuge who feature former members of Rage will release their debut album Solitary Men on June 8th through Frontiers Records. It features the tracks ‘Bleeding From Inside’, ‘Let Me Go’, ‘Hell Freezes Over’ and ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’.

Escape Music will release the second album from Jon Butcher Axis Stare At The Sun on May 25th. Original released in the mid-eighties it includes the songs ‘Dreams Fade Away’, ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’, ‘Call To Arms’ and ‘Breakout’.

Stryper - 'The Valley' music video

The Senior Management - 'I See The Light' audio video

Rust N Rage - 'Midnight Train' audio video

Lizzy Borden return with their first new album in eleven years. My Midnight Things will be released June 15th via Metal Blade Records. Tracks included will be ‘The Scar Across My Heart’, ‘A Stranger To Love’, ‘Obsessed With You’ and ‘Run Away With Me’.

Lipz - 'Scaryman' music video

Hartmann - 'Don't Want To Back Down' music video

Issa - 'Run With The Pack' music video

There was a lot of rumours surrounding Magnum’s last extensive tour, that it may be the Brummie’s live swansong. It appears that those rumours were unfounded gossip as the band have announced a small tour in late November, which includes a performance at Winterstorm Festival in Scotland and a show at The Robin in Bilston on the 28th of November.

Praying Mantis - 'Keep It Alive' music video

W.E.T - 'Kings On Thunder Road' music video

Saffire - 'Hard To Keep, Hard To Find' music video

Bare Infinity - 'The Butterfly Raiser' music video

Vince O’Regan will release his fourth solo album under the O’Regan moniker in August via Z Records. Further details will be released shortly.

Popular cult melodic rockers Guild of Ages will unleash the long awaited new album Rise on June 29th via Escape Music. It will include the tracks ‘Around The Sun’, ‘All Fall Down’, ‘Love Rules All’ and ‘I’ll Keep Burnin’’. The label plan to re-release all previous Guild of Ages and C.I.T.A albums previously release via the label, so keep your eyes peeled if you wish to complete your collection.

TNT - 'We're Gonna Make It' lyric video

Legendary vocalist Graham Bonnet will release his latest album Meanwhile Back at the Garage via Frontiers Records on the 13th of July. The man himself has compared it’s sound and style to Alcatrazz, the band he gathered a cult following with. Tracks included are ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’, ‘Sea Of Trees’, ‘Man on the Corner’ and ‘The Crying Chair’. The CD comes with a live DVD entitled ‘Live from Daryl’s House 2018’ this includes Bonnet classics like ‘Night Games’, ‘All Night Long’, ‘Stand In Line’ and ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’.

Graham Bonnet Band - 'Meanwhile Back at the Garage' audio video

King Company will release their new album Queen of Hearts on August 10th through Frontiers Records. It features the following tracks ‘Stars’, ‘Never Say Goodbye’, ‘King For Tonight’ and ‘Living The Dream’

King Company - 'One Day Of Your Life' lyric video

FM - 'Killed By Love' music video

Frontiers Records will release the debut album from exciting AOR newcomers Creye on October 12th. The Track list will include ‘Nothing To Lose’, ‘Never Too Late’, ‘Straight To The Top’ and ‘Love Will Never Die’.

Creye - 'Holding On' audio video

Little Ceasar - 'Time Enough For That' music video

Rick Springfield - 'The Voodoo House' music video

The reunited LA Guns featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns hit the road in the UK this coming September. This includes a show at The Robin in Bilston on September 4th.

Destina release Metal Souls on the 13th of July via Frontiers Records. The supergroup is led by Japanese guitarist Nozomu Wakai and features Ronnie Romero on vocals. It features the songs ‘Rain’, ‘End Of Love’, ‘Cross The Line’ and ‘Raise Your Fist’.

Destina - 'Metal Souls' music video

It’s been a long time coming but Dutch melodic rockers Two Of A Kind return with a new album Rise which is release on the 13th of July via Frontiers Records. It includes the songs ‘Touch The Roof’, ‘Naked’, ‘Wheel of Life’ and ‘Run Girl’.

Two of a Kind - 'Naked' music video

Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders) take their acoustic show on the road again this coming Autumn. The Sonic Acoustic Attack tour comes to the Robin in Bilston on the 1st of October.

Gioeli - Castronovo - 'Through' music video

Gioeli – Castronovo see Johnny Gioeli and Deen Castronovo team up again for a new album Set The World On Fire. The pair played together on the debut Hardline album Double Eclipse back in the early nineties! The new album will include the songs ‘Fall Like an Angel’, ‘It’s All About You’, ‘Need You Now’ and ‘Walk With Me’.

Famed producer and cult AOR musician Clif Magness will release his new album Lucky Dog on the 13th of July through Frontiers Records. It will feature the songs ‘Unbroken’, ‘My Heart’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Love Needs a Heart’.

Clif Magness - 'Ain't No Way' music video

Canadian hard rockers The Wild! are touring the UK when they come to these shores to play Hard Rock Hell in November. They will be making a pit stop at The Station in Cannock on the 8th of November. That’s one you should definitely put in your gig diary’s!