Melodic Times December 2017 - melodic rock and aor news round-up

posted 15 Dec 2017, 09:00 by Paul Woodward

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A new band put together by Gotthard guitarist Leo Leoni – CoreLeoni have been signed to Frontiers Records. The songs featured on this album will be refreshed and rerecorded versions of Gotthard classics with one brand new song ‘Walk On Water’. The band features the vocal talents of Ronnie Romero the current voice of Rainbow. It’s slated for release in February 2018.

Eisley / Goldy - 'Soul Of Madness' audio video

Hard Rock Hell have announced the first batch of bands scheduled to play 2018 edition of the Festival in November, including headliners Saxon and The Dead Daises. Other bands of note include Femme Fatale, Tygers of Pan Tang and Girlschool.

Wildness - 'Alibi' audio video

Jeff Scott Soto - 'Retribution' music video

Classic Rock legends Uriah Heep have started recording their 25th album which is set to be called Living The Dream and will be released via Frontiers Records. Tentatively scheduled for an Autumn 2018 release a full tour which will support this album will be announced in the coming months.

Swedish rockers Aerodyne will release their first full length album Breaking Free via Street Symphonies/Burning Minds Music on December 15th. Tracks included are ‘Comin For You’, ‘Until You’re Gone’, ‘Setting Hell on Fire’ and ‘Run Away’.

Multi National rockers Panorama will release their debut album Around The World on January 12 via ROAR Records and is produced by Dennis Ward. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Standing My Ground’, ‘Heart Has Been Broken’, ‘One For All’ and ‘The Glory Within’.

John Oates (of Hall and Oates fame) will be releasing a solo album on February 2nd entitled Arkansas.

Madman's Lullaby - 'One Shot' music video

Raintimes - 'Make My Day' audio video

Silked and Stained - 'Hold My Hand' music video

Following the departure (again) of original vocalist Tony Harnell from TNT they have announced their new singer. It is Baol Bardot Bulsara.

Lione Conti - 'Ascension' music video

Aerodyne - 'Coming For You' music video

Frontiers Records have announced a new album from the Michael Thompson Band is in the works with a release expected in 2018. This has also lead to news that Soleil Moon will release their third album through the label once Thompson and vocalist Larry King have wrapped up this album.

Animal Drive will release their debut album Bite through Frontiers Records on February 23rd. The album includes the songs ‘Had Enough’, ‘Lights of the Dammed’, ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Devil Took My Beer Again’.

Animal Drive - 'Tower Of Lies (I Walk Alone)' music video

Ammunition - 'Freedom Finder' music video

UK melodic rockers Blood Red Saints return with Love Hate Conspiracies – set for release on AOR Heaven this January 26th. The band now feature guitarist Neil Hibbs who is said to bring a harder edge to the bands overall sound. Tracks set for inclusion include the co-written ‘Is It Over’ (with Paul Laine) and ‘Turn On The Night’ (With Steve Brown – Trixter) alongside ‘Live and Die’ and ‘Something in Your Kiss’.

Swedes PAL will release their debut album Prime through AOR Heaven on January 26th. PAL is a musical collaboration between Roger Ljunggren, Peter Andersson and Peo Pettersson and the bands roots go all the way back to the late Eighties. Tracks included are ‘Carry On’, ‘Double Nature’ and ‘Heads Or Tails’.

Rick Springfield - 'Little Demon' audio video

Age Sten Nilsen’s Ammuniton release their new album which is self titled on January 26th via Frontiers Records. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Eye For An Eye’, ‘Wrecking Crew’, ‘Miss Summertime’ and ‘Bad Bones’.

In surprising news Frontiers Records have announced the signing of cult melodic rockers Tora Tora! The new album is a little way off though with a tentative early 2019 release as the band start writing and recording the new album during 2018.

Italian sleaze hard rockers Stray Bullets have signed to Sneakout Records and will release their debut album Shut Up.

Chris Bay - 'Radio Starlight' lyric video

Roulette - 'The Only Way' music video

Escape Music will release Jon Butcher Axis debut album for the first time on CD this January 19th. It comes complete with linear notes from Dave Reynolds and features the tracks ‘Life Takes A Life’, ‘Can’t Be The Only Fool’, ‘It’s Only Words’ and ‘Ocean in Motion’.

British melodic rockers Burn have delayed the release of their new album Ice Age until February 28th. The new line-up features respected British melodic rock musicians Chris Green and Steve Newman.

Scherer / Batten - 'Space and Time' music video

Taste who feature members of acclaimed melodic rockers Art Nation will release a new single ‘We Are Back’ on January 5th.

Prayer will release Silent Soldiers via Escape Music on January 19th. It will feature the tracks ‘Fires Of The Heart’, ‘Devil’s Daughter’, ‘King Of The Hill’ and ‘No Giver, All Taker’.

Angra will release their ninth studio album Omni on February 16th via earMusic. Included are the tracks ‘Black Widow’s Web’, ‘Travellers Of Time’, ‘The Bottom Of My Soul’ and ‘Always More’.

Beloved British NWOBHM act Saxon return with an all new album Thunderbolt on February 2nd. It will include the songs ‘Olympus Rising’, ‘Predator’, ‘Son Of Odin’ and ‘Sniper’.

Saxon - 'Thunderbolt' music video

Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins -'Avengers of Eden' audio video

Mindfeels - 'Skyline' lyric video

Welsh melodic rockers Kane’d will release their new album on February 9th and it’s entitled Show Me Your Skeleton. 

Crashdiet have announced their new singer - Gabriel Keyes and a new single ‘We Are Legion’ will be released on New Years Eve. Keyes live debut will come on March 30th in Stockholm.

Magnum - 'Without Love' lyric video

Z Records will release Scarecrow Blood, Sweat and 20 years on all digital platforms on January 19th. The label hinted at further collaborations with Scarecrow main man John Blaze soon.

Finland’s Shiraz Lane will release their new album Carnival Days on February 23rd via Frontiers Records.

Shiraz Lane - 'Carnival Days' audio video