March 2018 music video playlist

posted 2 Apr 2018, 12:35 by Paul Woodward

Woody’s Rock Reviews March 2018 music video playlist

James Christian – Jesus Wept

Riot V – Heart Of A Lion

The Kut – Mind Games

Bonfire – Stand Or Fall

Ryan Roxie – Over and Done

Maverick – Kiss Of Fire

The Loved and Lost – Drag Me Down

Fireblast – Frozen Tears

Rusty Bonez – Nameless Heroes

Stoneface – Play Their Game

Issa – Sacrifice Me

Hawthrone Heights – Just Another Ghost

Owl City – New York City

Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In

Stonelake – Hold On To You

Captain Blackbeard – Picture Life

Panorama – The Highest Mountain

Perfect Plan – Gone Too Far

Royal Hunt – Fistful Of Misery

Airbound – Zhaneta

Paul Dean – Be With You

The Cyberiam – The Fall

Echosmith – Over My Head

Dokken – It’s Another Day

Appice – Sinister

Dead Of Night – For I Am The Music

Helen Hurd and The Mavericks – The Boss

Kim Wilde – Kandy Krush

Vega – Worth Dying For

Louise Steel – I Love You Honey (Till You Run Out Of Money)

Ian Moss – If Another Day ((Love Rewards It’s Own)

Pamela Moore – These Scars

Grand Design – Face It

Stonelake – Thunder and Rain

No Hot Ashes – Glow

Lords Of Black – Icons Of The New Days

My Indigo – Crash and Burn

FM – Playing Tricks On Me

Jizzy Pearl – You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

Indya – The Final Line

Reverence – New Order

Stryper – Sorry

Rubicon – My One and Only

Praying Mantis – Gravity

Bonfire – Crazy Over You

Lissie – Love Blows

The Amorettes – Everything I Learned, I Learned From Rock N Roll

Captain Blackbeard – All The Pain

Shinedown – Devil

Impera – Falling

Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons

Voices of Extreme – Unbroken

Vega – Last Man Standing

Rick Parfitt – Long Distance Love

Bullet – Ain’t Enough

Innfight – The Cross

Universe Infinity – Start Give All Your Love

Dokken – In My Dreams (Live)

Bulletboys – Apocalypto

Judas Priest – Never The Heroes

FM – Black Magic

James Christian – Craving