Danielle Morgan 'Shy' single review

posted 9 Aug 2017, 12:49 by Paul Woodward

UK based singer song-writer Danielle Morgan released her debut EP The Session in June of 2016 to critical acclaim. She is following it up this summer with a brand new single ‘Shy’ which was released on July 7th and is available to purchase and enjoy right now from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify!

Danielle’s latest single ‘Shy’ shows a wide range of influences in some undeniably Beatles flavoured melodies but I feel this song shows a strong sense of grandeur which reminds me of Queen most notably in the guitar’s but also in the song structure. As both those comparisons would elucidate, the song is rock with a strong pop sensibility. Danielle’s vocals are powerful but she never wails and keeps the focus on the melodies with her soulful delivery. The song has a laid back, relaxing feel to it and with Danielle’s delightful vocals and some cool melodic guitar work make ‘Shy’ an extremely memorable song. This is a song that will definitely appeal to music fans who like a little depth and meaning to their music.

You can check Danielle out and discover more about her at her official website www.daniellemorganmusic.com as well as her social media accounts www.facebook.com/realdannimorgan , twitter.com/realdannimorgan and www.instagram.com/realdannimorgan

And check out the video for the excellent ‘No Trace Of You’ from her debut EP.