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Woody's Round Up - Radio Show - (10/12/17)

posted 10 Dec 2017, 16:57 by Paul Woodward

W.E.T – ‘Watch The Fire’

Magnum – ‘Without Love’

Scorpions – ‘Follow Your Heart’

Cahoot – ‘All 4 U’

Greta Van Fleet – ‘Black Smoke Rising’

The New Roses – ‘Every Wild Heart’

Sleeping Romance – ‘Lost In My Eyes’

Amberian Dawn – ‘Maybe’

Agnes – ‘I Thought We Were Lovers’

Alias – ‘One More Chance’

Amaze Me – ‘Tough Ain’t Enough’

Angels Or Kings – ‘Any Other Girl’

Jann Arden – ‘I Would Die For You’

Aviator – ‘Through The Night’

Baby Animals – ‘Break My Heart’

Bad Company – ‘Waiting on Love’

Balance Of Power – ‘When Love Is On Your Side’

Jimmy Barnes – ‘I’d Die To be With You Tonight’

Baton Rouge – ‘Didn’t I’

Big Mouth – ‘Without Love’

Blonde on Blonde – ‘No One Like You’

Blue Oyster Cult – ‘Burnin’ For You’

Blue Tears – ‘Take This Heart’

Michael Bormann – ‘Can’t Stop Missing You’

Brighton Rock – ‘Who’s Foolin Who’

Terry Brock – ‘Up All Night’

Vinny Burns – ‘Falling’

Stan Bush – ‘Take It Like A Man’

Woody's Round Up - Radio Show - (3/12/17)

posted 3 Dec 2017, 16:33 by Paul Woodward

Houston – ‘Amazing’

Roulette – ‘The Only Way’

Eisley/Goldy – ‘The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’

PAL – ‘Carry On’

Steve Walsh – ‘The Piper’

Toto – ‘Alone’

Blood Red Saints – ‘Wake Up’

Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘High School Queen’

Rexoria – ‘Queen Of Light’

Warrior – ‘Boys Gonna Rock’

King King – ‘(She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’’

Naked Sunday – ‘Other Side Of Town’

The Haxans – ‘Dirty Magic’

Halflives – ‘Burn’

Crashing Atlas – ‘Savages’

The Aces – ‘Stuck’

Banners – ‘Someone To You’

Jono – ‘My Love’

Madame Mayhem – ‘All Around The World’

Galactic Cowboys – ‘Internal Masquerade’

Operation Mindcrime – ‘The New Reality’

Hunter Hayes – ‘Rescue’

Kallon – ‘Falling’

Broken Witt Rebels – ‘Wait For You’

U2 – ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’

Lee Aaron – ‘Powerline’

Bryan Adams – ‘Run To You’

Adriangale – ‘Save Our Love’

Aerosmith – ‘Falling In Love (Is Hard On Your Knees)’

Woody's Rock Reviews November Music Video Playlist

posted 3 Dec 2017, 13:39 by Paul Woodward

Here’s the November music video playlist round up for you al to check out, see below for the tracks featured and click the following link to check it out – November Music Video Playlist.

Roulette – ‘The Only Way’

Delta Deep – ‘Bless These Blues’

Anvil – ‘Ego’

Rick Springfield – ‘Little Demon’

Ammunition – ‘Freedom Finder’

Animal Drive – ‘Tower Of Lies (I walk Alone)’

Leaves Eyes – ‘Sign Of The Dragonhead’

Aerodyne – ‘Comin’ For You’

Silk & Stained – ‘Hold My Hand’

Naked Sunday – ‘Other Side of Town’

Dave Friday Band – ‘Love Is Overrated’

Lione Conti – ‘Ascension’

Christina Martin – ‘Lungs are Burning’

Raintimes – ‘Make My Day’

Madman’s Lullaby – ‘One Shot’

Burning Witches – ‘Black Widow’

Liv Sin – ‘King Of The Damned’

My Indigo – ‘My Indigo’

Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Retribution’

Toto – ‘Alone’

Eisley/Goldy – ‘Soul of Madness’

Black Moth – ‘Moonbow’

Deever – ‘All Come Running’

Pink Cream 69 – ‘Walls Come Down’

Sweet & Lynch – ‘Walk’

Down & Outz – ‘Storm’ (Live)

Ammouri – ‘Monster Of Your Own Creation’

The Dark Element – ‘The Ghost & The Reaper’

Raintimes – ‘Don’t Ever Give Up’

Station – ‘Never Enough’

Bryan Adams – ‘Please Stay’

Electric Mary – ‘Woman’

The Dead Daisies – ‘She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)’

Jono – ‘Crown’

Vandenberg’s Moonkings – ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’

Woody's Round Up - Radio Show - (26/11/17)

posted 26 Nov 2017, 09:17 by Paul Woodward

Santa Cruz – Young Blood Rising

Black Paisley – Run Run Run

Iconic Eye – Black Heart

Cornerstone – Heart On Fire

Jessica Wolff – Playing For Keeps

Still Living – Reign Of Pills

Boys From Heaven – Unburned

Poisonheart – Out For Blood

Van Arx – Stay Tonight

Ammouri – Manipulation

Samarkind – Fire and Blood

Personal Sin – White Knuckle Ride

The Unresolved – Glorious Love Crimes

Squealer – Behind Closed Doors

Cryptik Nature – Glynd

Superhorror – Ready Steady Die

The Divinyls – Pleasure and Pain

Steelhouse Lane – Seven Seas

Corvus – When You Love Someone

Stranded – Only Human

Fiona – Here It Comes Again

Riverdogs – Water From The Moon

Firehouse – I Live My Life For You

Robert Palmer – Know By Now

Mr Big – Take Cover

Heartland – I Will Wait For You

Tygers Of Pan Tang – She

Kip Moore – Girl Of The Summer

Woody's Round Up Radio Show (19/11/17)

posted 19 Nov 2017, 07:34 by Paul Woodward


Airbound – ‘She’s A Girl’

Raintimes – ‘I Need Tonight’

Wildness – ‘Stranger’

Scherer / Batten – ‘What Do You Really Think?’

Ailafar – ‘Bucket List’

Dante Fox – ‘How Do We Learn About Love’

Babylon AD – ‘Don’t Tell Me Tonight’

Midnite City – ‘We Belong’

Boulevard – ‘Come Together’

Mindfeels – ‘Don’t Leave Me Behind’

Tragik – ‘Not Over You’

The Dark Element – ‘The Ghost and The Reaper’

Target – ‘Come On’

Vandenberg’s Moonkings – ‘Angel In Black’

Madman’s Lullaby – ‘Don’t Walk Away’

Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Bullet For My Baby’

Gypsy Soul – ‘Burning In Her Fire’

Appice – ‘In The Night’

Autograph – ‘You Are Us, We Are You’

Pink Cream 69 – ‘Path Of Destiny’

Madam X – ‘Die Tryin’

Buckingham/McVie – ‘Feel About You’

Sweet & Lynch – ‘Find Your Way’

Enrico Sarzi – ‘Let Me Go’

Kelidian – ‘Nightfall’

Angel Nation – ‘Enough is Enough’

Metalite – ‘Over and Done’

Melodic Times November – Woody’s Melodic Rock and AOR news round-up

posted 13 Nov 2017, 09:05 by Paul Woodward

Stuff by Woody

The Martie Peters Group are returning in 2018 with a new album following a ten-year absence – it doesn’t feel that long! It’s good to hear MPG are back and the working title of the album is Unfinished Business.

Soul Seller - 'Get Stronger' lyric video

Madman’s Lullaby have signed to Melodic Rock Records for the release of their new album Sins of Greed. The nine-track album will be released on November 24th. Tracks included are ‘One Shot’, ‘Little Demon’, ‘Don’t Walk Away’ and ‘About You’.

Madman's Lullaby - 'One Shot' audio video

Rage For Order - 'Abduction' music video

The Radio Sun - 'Tonight's The Night' audio video

Dante Fox - 'Firing My Heart' lyric video

The Dark Element - 'Dead To Me' lyric video

Bigfoot - 'Karma' lyric video

Eisley/Goldy - 'The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter' music video

Helloween - 'Pumpkins United' lyric video

Former Giuffria duo David Glen Eisley and Craig Goldy will release their debut album as Eisley/Goldy on December 1st via Frontiers Records. The album Blood Guts and Games will feature the tracks ‘I Don’t Belong Here Anymore’, ‘Love of the Game’, ‘Believe In One Another’ and ‘Lies I Can Live With’.

Cardiant - 'Life Has Just Begun' music video

Moritz - 'To The Moon and Back' music video

Sons of Apollo - 'Lost In Oblivion' music video

Joe Elliott’s Down ‘n’ Outz will release a live CD/DVD package via Frontiers Records. Filmed at The Corporation in Sheffield The Further Live Adventures of will be released on December 1st. At the same time the band’s two albums My Re-Generation and The Further Adventures of will be re-released via the Frontiers label. The track listing will include ‘One More Chance to Run’, ‘One Of The Boys’, ‘Who Do You Love’ and ‘Good Times’.

Guitarist Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy) will release his new solo album Standing At A Bus Stop on December 1st. Tracks included are ‘In Memory of Django’, ‘Golden Days’, ‘One Day Too Early’ and ‘Walking In The Park’.

Lion’s Pride have signed Rox Diamond for the release of their third album Let the Music Do The Talkin’ which will be released in July 2018. It will include the tracks ‘You Can Never Love Somebody Too Hard’, ‘Just Wanting You’, ‘The Way I Feel’ and ‘Lonely Without You’.

Airbound - 'Have A Good Time' lyric video

Legendary British melodic rockers Magnum will release their new album Lost on the Road to Eternity on January 19th once again via SPV/Steamhammer. The title track features a duet with Tobias Sammet and this is the first album to feature new keyboardist Rick Benton and drummer Lee Morris. The album features the tracks ‘Without Love’ – slated to be the first single, ‘Show Me Your Hands’, ‘Ya Wanna be Someone’ and ‘Forbidden Masquerade’.

The Dead Daises - 'She Always Gets Her Own Way' music video

Electric Mary - 'Woman' music video

So, want another anthology or best of or box set or collection of Saxon’s mighty back catalogue right!? Well whatever your answer to that one is prepare yourselves for a new Saxon anthology entitled Decade of The Eagle. BMG are releasing this retrospective which focuses on the band’s first nine albums released between 1979 to 1988. It features 34 tracks including ‘Wheels of Steel’, ‘Ride Like The Wind’, ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ and ‘Back on The Streets’.

Operation Mindcrime - 'Wake Me Up' audio video

Raintimes - 'Swan' audio video

Jeff Scott Soto - 'Feels Like Forever' music video

Jono - 'Crown' lyric video

Raintimes - 'Don't Ever Give Up' audio video

The Dark Element - 'The Ghost and The Reaper' music video

Frontiers Records have signed rising rockers Toseland – given the band’s connection to Toby Jepson, whose band Wayward Sons recently released their debut album via the label it’s not totally surprising the band have come up on Frontiers radar. Their third album won’t be released until Autumn 2018 but you may hear a new tune or two on their upcoming tour supporting Skid Row in March.

Down N Outz - 'Storm' live video

Sweet and Lynch - 'Walk' music video

Pink Cream 69 - 'Walls Come Down' music video

20th Century Music will be re-issuing Lion Dangerous Attraction on December 15th.

Freedom Call frontman Chris Bay will release his solo album Chasing The Sun via SPV/Steamhammer on February 23rd. Expect this release to be stylistically very different to what Freedom Call create.

Deever - 'All Come Running' lyric video

Woody’s Rock Reviews October Music Video Playlist

posted 2 Nov 2017, 09:19 by Paul Woodward

My latest monthly round up of all the latest music videos is now completed and ready for you to check out at October music video playlist

Video listing

Anavae – ‘All Or Nothing’

Operation Mindcrime – ‘Wake Me Up’

Raintimes – ‘Swan’

Appice – ‘Monsters and Heroes’

Lynch Mob – ‘Miles Away’

Skarlett Riot – ‘Warrior’

Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Feels Like Forever’

Fiction Syxx – ‘Given Sight’

Jessica Wolff – ‘Saving Someone Else’

Airbound – ‘Have A Good Time’

Sons Of Apollo – ‘Lost in Oblivion’

Moritz – ‘To The Moon and Back’

Cardiant – ‘Life Has Just Begun’

Mindfeels – ‘Soul Has Gone Away’

Diamond Black – ‘Sorrow’

Burn – ‘Jealousy’

Helloween – ‘Pumpkin United’

Eisley/Goldy – ‘The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’

Bigfoot – ‘Karma’

The Dark Element – ‘Dead To Me’

Dante Fox – ‘Firing My Heart’

The Radio Sun – ‘Tonight’s The Night’

Amberian Dawn – ‘I’m The One’

Rage For Order – ‘Abduction’

Madman’s Lullaby – ‘One Shot’

Soul Seller – ‘Get Stronger’

Pink Cream 69 – ‘Man Of Sorrow’

Rantimes – ‘Forever Gone’

Jono – ‘No Return’

Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘Girls All Over The World’

Pat Benatar – ‘Dancing Through The Wreckage’

Mallen – ‘The Otherside’

Raw Silk – ‘Chimera’

First Night – ‘Breaking My Heart’

Reece – ‘Ignited’

Romeo Riot – ‘Room To Run’

Metalite – ‘Nightmare’

Revolution Saints – ‘Take You Down’

Gathering Of Kings – ‘Forever and a Day’

Houston – ‘Dangerous Love’

Deep Purple – ‘The Surprising’

Haim – ‘Little Of Your Love’

Echosmith – ‘Get Into My Car’

The Dark Element – ‘Here’s To You’

Code Red – ‘Heat Of The Night’

Powerquest – ‘Lords Of Tomorrow’

Midnite City – ‘Summer of our Lives’

Panic Fire – ‘Kiloton Heart’

Melodic Times September – Woody’s melodic rock and AOR news round up

posted 17 Sep 2017, 11:34 by Paul Woodward

Stuff by Woody

Hard Rockers Heaven and Earth will release their fourth album Hard To Kill on September 29th. They are currently taking exclusive pre-orders through a Pledge campaign, where of course you can get a whole host of goodies on top of your album order. This includes guitar lessons from Stuart Smith via Skype.

West Midlands melodic rockers Iconic Eye will release their new album Into The Light on November 4th. It’s the first album to feature Janey Gillard on vocals – it is a transitional album so will feature five re-recorded tracks which are a big part of the bands current setlist. These will sit alongside Six brand new tracks ‘Am I The One’, ‘Black Country Lady’, ‘These Tears Won’t Last’, ‘Black Heart’, ‘Thanks For The Memories’ and ‘Never Get Through The Night’. They have a few shows lined up including the album launch at The Station in Cannock on November 17th and an acoustic show at The Robin on September 30th as part of the Acoustica Festival. The album is available for pre-order right now direct from the band’s website!

Brummie Melodic Rockers Daylight Robbery will be playing a headline show at The Station in Cannock on November 10th. Wolverhampton sleaze rockers Shyyne have been announced as support with more TBA.

Evanescence will release their fourth album synthesis on October 14th. A massive USA tour will accompany the release which frontwoman has referred to as a passion project.

Canadian hard rockers The Wild! Have been announced as Aussie rockers Airbourne support on their upcoming UK tour.

Threshold - 'Small Dark Lines' music video

The jet set among us will be very interested in the Melodic Rock 5 Festival announcement. It takes place again at the H.O.M.E Bar, Arlington Heights in Chicago on May 4th, 5th and 6th! The line-up is May 4th – The Defiants, Jean Beauvoir, Crazy Lixx, Grand Design, Station, Fierce Heart, Joey C Jones and Jaded Past. May 5th – H.E.A.T, Treat, Mecca, Adriangale, Bryan Cole, Madman’s Lullaby, Far Cry and Roadkill. May 6th – FM, Paul Laine, Boulevard, Shotgun Symphony, The Radio Sun, Midnite City, Lynn Allen and Teer.

Kansas will be releasing a new live album Overture Live & Beyond on November 3rd. Tracks included in the set list are ‘Dust In The Wind’, ‘Rhythm in the Spirit’, ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ and ‘Cheyenne Anthem’.

Robert Tepper has announced that he will be working on a new album entitled Staggered so keep your eyes peeled for further information on that one!

Led Zeppelin and Black Country legend Robert Plant releases a new solo album Carry Fire on October 13th.

Robert Plant - 'The May Queen' lyric video

Original Tigertailz vocalist Steevi Jaimz has teamed up with Phil Vokins to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tigertailz classic ‘Living Without You’. The re-recorded version of the song was completed recently by the pair and they will be working together on a new project set for release next year on AOR Boulevard Records.

Steevi Jaimz - 'Living Without You' music video

Devilfire, The New Saints and Corvus will be supporting tribute band Live and Let Rock at their Halloween Headbangers Ball gig which is happening on October 27th at The Robin in Bilston!

Powerquest will release their sixth album The Sixth Dimension via Inner Wound Records on October 13th. The track list will include ‘Kings and Glory’, ‘No More Heroes’, ‘Pray For The Day’ and ‘Coming Home’. If you were not already aware the bands scheduled live show at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton in October has been cancelled – the show slated for the 27th has now been moved to the Yardbirds in Grimsby.

Devilfire - 'She's Like Fire' music video

Martine McCutcheon - 'Any Sign Of Life' music video

Autograph - 'Get Off Your Ass' audio video

Northern Irish rockers Maverick have been very busy in recent times and have already announced that their new album will be released next march, once again on metalopolis records and it will be called Cold Star Dancer.

Newman - 'Can't Stop Loving You' audio video

Tyketto - 'Wings' live music video

Revolution Saints - 'Freedom' Lyric video

Martina Edoff - 'Face The Mirror' music video

Reformed cult hard rockers Madam X have signed a deal with EMP who will release their brand-new album Monstrosity on October 27th. The album features additional mixing from Mark Slaughter. The band was formed by sisters Maxine and Roxy Petrucci – Roxy went on to major success with Vixen shortly after leaving Madam X. The album features an updated version of the bands most well-known song ‘High In High School’.

Degreed - 'Animal' music video

Diamante - 'Sleepwalking' audio video

September 29th will see the comeback of Rick Price and Jack Jones with their album California Dreaming. It is a covers album and features tracks like ‘Desperado’, ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Light My Fire’ and ‘Monday, Monday’.

Sweet / Lynch - 'Afterlife' lyric video

Babylon A.D - 'Crash and Burn' music video

Inner wound records have signed female fronted melodic metal band Angel Nation and will release their album Aeon on October 27th. Tracks to be included are ‘Blood Is On Your Hands’, ‘Breathe Again’, ‘Wonder Who You Are’ and ‘Enough Is Enough’.

Another Inner wound Records signing Metalite will also unleash their new album Heroes in Time via the label on October 27th.  The Swedish female fronted melodic metal act will include the following tracks on the album, ‘Purpose of Life’, ‘The Hunter’, ‘In The Middle Of The Night’ and ‘Over and Done’.

UK rockers Bigfoot will support the release of their new album on Frontiers Records with a massive UK tour. This includes a show at The Station in Cannock on Saturday November 4th.

Cult hair metallers Babylon A.D. will release their new album Revelation Highway via Frontiers Records on November 10th. It will include the tracks ‘Fool On Fire’, ‘Tears’, ‘She Likes To Give It’ and ‘I’m No Good For You’.

Powerquest - 'Kings and Glory' lyric video

The Dark Element - 'The Dark Element' audio video

The lost Target album featuring Jimi Jamison entitled In Range will finally see the light of day on October 20th on Escape Music. It includes extensive linear notes by journalist Dave Reynolds. It includes the tracks ‘Too Much Good Lovin’’, ‘Hold Tight’, ‘A Place Called Hot’ and ‘Don’t You Think It’s Time’.

What was originally intended to be a solo album for vocalist Anette Olzon (Nightwish/Alyson Avenue) in collaboration with Jani Liimatainen has now been given a band title The Dark Element. This will also be the title of the album which will be released on November 10th via Frontiers Records. Songs set for inclusion are ‘Here’s To You’, ‘Heaven Of Your Heart’, ‘Only One Who Knows Me’ and ‘Someone You Used To Know’.

Steelheart - 'Come Inside' audio video

Melodic Rock Records will release Cup Of Tears by Devoid featuring Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz on October 13th. This melodic metal album will feature the tracks ‘Collective Heart’, ‘Colours Fade To Grey’, ‘Agony’ and ‘Final Breath’.

Devoid - 'Religion' audio video

American Mafia - 'Ride On Through' lyric video

Jeff Scott Soto - 'Breakout' audio video

Pink Cream 69 will release their brand new album Headstrong on November 10th. It will include the tracks ‘We Bow To None’, ‘No More Fear’, ‘Vagrant of the Night’ and ‘The Other Man’.

Code Red will release their debut album Incendiary via AOR Heaven on October 20th. Vocalist Ulrick Lonnqvist will be familiar to many for his collaborations with other genre musicians and song writers, but also for the band he started with Sahara who released their album via AOR Heaven way back in 2001. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Eternal Pretender’, ‘I Won’t Be Your Hero’ and ‘Lift Me Up.

Midnite City a new melodic rock band featuring Rob Wylde and Pete Newdeck will release their self-titled debut album via AOR Heaven on October 20th.

Frontiers Records have signed ReVertigo wo compromise of Swedish duo Mats Leven and Anders Wikstrom. The album will surface in early 2018.

Glam / Sleaze rockers Poisonheart have signed to Sneakout Records who will release their debut album Till The Morning Light. It will feature the tracks ‘Flames and Fire’, ‘Anymore’, ‘Out For Blood’ and ‘Under My Wings’.

Swiss hard rockers Shakra return with their new album Snakes and Ladders on November 10th. The track list includes ‘Cassandra’s Curse’, ‘Something You Don’t Understand’, ‘I Will Rise Again’ and ‘Fire in My Veins’.

Gypsy Soul will release the album Winners and Losers via Escape Music on October 20th. The band features XYZ, King Kobra and Foreigner alumni, and these songs were written and recorded back in the late eighties but the album never saw the light of day despite major label interest at the time, some of these songs went on to be released by other acts including Foreigner. The band features guitarist JK Northrup and vocalist Johnny Edwards. Songs to be included are ‘Fire and Water’, ‘Ready For The Rain’, ‘She’s Waiting’ and ‘Burning In Her Fire’.

H.E.A.T have announced a European tour in November including a couple of dates in the UK including November 17th at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton. Support comes from Degreed!

Kee of Hearts - 'Crimson Dawn' lyric video

Hell In The Club - 'Houston, We've Got No Money' music video

This one seems to have snuck up out of nowhere but Vandenberg’s Moonkings are back with their second album inventively titled MKII. Once again it will be released via Mascot Records on November 3rd and will feature the tracks ‘Angel In Black’, ‘The Fire’, ‘All Or Nothing’ and ‘Ready For The Taking’.

Primal Fear - 'If Looks Could Kill' audio video

Mean Streak - 'Retaliation Call' music video

Finland’s Santa Cruz release their new album Bad Blood Rising on November 10th. Their third album will be released by new label M-Theory Audio. The band will also be embarking on an extensive tour to promote the album including the 9th of December at The Flapper in Birmingham.

Santa Cruz - 'River Phoenix' audio video

The Radio Sun - 'Heaven on Earth' music video

Voodoma - 'Shine' lyric video

Secret Rule - 'Twin Flames' music video

Airrace - 'Eyes Like Ice' lyric video

Steelheart - 'Lips of Rain' music video

LA Guns - 'Christine' audio video

Phantom V - 'Baptized' audio video

Robin Beck - 'Island' audio video

Mike Tramp will be releasing a box set This and That but a whole lot More on December 1st. It’s limited to just 1,000 copies and contains 5 CD’s and one DVD and is a collection of rarities and unreleased songs spanning his entire career and various bands/projects.

Mike Tramp - 'Work It All Out' music video

Woody's Rock Reviews August 2017 music video playlist

posted 4 Sep 2017, 14:05 by Paul Woodward

The Woody’s Rock Reviews August 2017 music video playlist is now completed and ready for you to check out, just click the link, crank it up and enjoy!

Woody's Rock Reviews August 2017 music video playlist

Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Breakout’

American Mafia – ‘Ride on Through’

Devoid – ‘Religion’

Steelheart – ‘Come Inside’

Redline – ‘Dark City’

Epica – ‘Immortal Meloncholy’

The Dark Element – ‘The Dark Element’

Power Quest – ‘Kings and Glory’

Babylon AD – ‘Crash and Burn’

Janet Gardner – ‘Rat Hole’

Sweet and Lynch – ‘Afterlife’

Excorde – ‘If I Saw You’

Diamante – ‘Sleep Walking’

Degreed – ‘Animal’

The Killers – ‘Run For Cover’

H.E.A.T – ‘Redefined’

Dan Reed – ‘Smile’

Martina Edoff – ‘Face The Mirror’

Tyketto – ‘Wings’ (Live)

Newman – ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’

Autograph – ‘Get Off Your Ass’

Martine McCutcheon – ‘Any Sign Of Life’

Weezer – ‘Mexican Fender’

Devilfire – ‘She’s Like Fire’

Steevi Jaimz – ‘Living Without You’

Robert Plant – ‘The May Queen’

Revolution Saints – ‘Freedom’

Echosmith – ‘Future Me’

Lynch Mob – ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’

The Darkness – ‘Solid Gold’

Sabaton – ‘Primo Victoria’

Threshold – ‘Small Dark Lines’

Kee of Hearts – ‘Bridge To Heaven’

Lights – ‘Savage’

H.E.A.T – ‘Time On Our Side’

Hinder – ‘The Reign’

Tori Amos – ‘Cloud Riders’

Phantom V – ‘Crossfire’

Threatin’ – ‘Living Is Dying’

Robin Beck – ‘Love Is Coming’

Dan Reed Network – ‘Infected’

The Darkness – ‘All The Pretty Girls’

Heaven and Earth – ‘The Game Has Changed’

Martine McCutcheon – ‘Say I’m Not Alone’

Wayward Sons – ‘Crush’

Bigfoot – ‘Tell Me A Lie’

Steve Walsh – ‘Born In Fire’

All That Remains – ‘The Thunder Rolls’

7HY – ‘Burning Rain’

Lionheart – ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’

Garbage – ‘No Horses’

Scherer / Batten – ‘The Sound of Your Voice’

Steelheart – ‘You Got Me Twisted’

Hell In The Club – ‘The Phantom Punch’

Dirty Thrills – ‘I’ll Be With You’

Exit Eden – ‘Incomplete’

Black Country Communion – ‘Collide’

Ten – ‘Jekyll and Hyde’

King Creature – ‘Lowlife’

Cassidy Paris – ‘Talk About It’

Melodic Times August – Woody’s melodic rock and AOR news round-up

posted 12 Aug 2017, 11:34 by Paul Woodward

Stuff by Woody

New Italian melodic rock and AOR record label have announced their first signing, Italian’s Airbound! Their self-titled debut album will be released on 15th of September!

Z Records have announced the signing of Italian’s Rage For Order, more details to come and release date TBA.

Iconic Eye have announced their new bass player is Mike Dagnell – many AOR fans will already be well aware of him from his time with Dante Fox, Max Bacon and Vega.

British rockers Bigfoot have released a video for the track ‘The Fear’ it is taken from the band’s self titled debut album which is due for release in October on Frontiers Records. The track list includes ‘Tell Me A Lie’, ‘Forever Alone’, ‘I Dare You’ and ‘Alone’.

Bigfoot - 'The Fear' music video

Legendary melodic hard rockers Mr Big have released a brand-new music video for the title track of their latest album, ‘Defying Gravity’. The album is available right now via Frontiers Records. Mr Big hit the UK for some shows in November including Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall on the 23rd of November.

Mr Big - 'Defying Gravity' music video

Z Records have announced they will be re-issuing the two Pulse album’s – these UK AOR’sters featured Vince O’Regan on guitars – the albums will be released digitally and the label have teased at upcoming news about the band.

Kee of Hearts - 'The Storm' music video

World Trade - 'Unify' lyric video

The legendary LA Guns reunited – Tracii Guns AND Phil Lewis – for the new album The Missing Piece which will be released on Frontiers Records on October 13th. The first single and video is the track ‘Speed’ the album will also feature the following tracks ‘Sticky Fingers’, ‘Christine’, ‘Kill It or Die’ and ‘Gave It All Away’.

LA Guns - 'Speed' music video

UK AOR act Moritz have recently released their new album About Time Too via Cargo Records. The album includes the songs ‘One More Beautiful Day’, ‘To The Moon and Back’, ‘Run’ and ‘Love Long Gone’.

Bass player David Z has been tragically passed away following a road accident whilst on tour with Adrenaline Mob in the USA. The bass player will be known to melodic rockers for his work with genre legend Jeff Scott Soto.

Lynch Mob will release their latest album The Brotherhood on September 8th. It includes the tracks ‘Last Call Lady’, ‘Where We Started’, ‘Until The Sky Comes Down’ and ‘Miles Away’.

Vocalist Marc Scherer has joined forces with guitarist Jennifer Batten for a new album entitled Battlezone under the Scherer/Batten moniker. It will be unleashed on September 22nd via Melodic Rock Records, it features eight songs written by Jim Peterik – plus an additional three new original songs written specifically for this project.

The Zhenx debut album is out now on the AOR Boulevard Records label. This album features one of the final vocal performances by David Saylor who passed away earlier this year. It includes the tracks ‘Breakaway’, ‘Distant Memories’, ‘On My Way’ and ‘Turn Down The Light’.

Z Records have announced they will re-release the first two Arabia albums digitally on August 4th. So, you’ll be able to pick up 1001 Nights and Welcome To The Freakshow from all good digital outlets now!

Revolution Saints will release their second album Light In The Dark on October 13th via Frontiers Records. The debut album from supergroup trio Jack Blades, Deen Castronovo and Doug Aldrich was really well received in AOR circles so I’m sure this latest effort will be highly anticipated for many genre fans. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Take You Down’, ‘Can’t Run Away From Love’, ‘Running On The Edge’ and ‘Falling Apart’.

Revolution Saints - 'Light In The Dark'

Rage For Order - 'Abduction'

Phantom V the band featuring ex-Bonfire frontman Claus Lessmann and Guitarist Michael Voss will release their second album Play To Win on October 13th via Frontiers Records. The album will include the songs ‘Crossfire’, ‘Do You Believe In Love’, ‘Shadows Dance’ and ‘Reach Out’.

Phantom V - 'The Change In You'

The brand-new album Love is Coming from genre legend and personal favourite Robin Beck will be unleashed on October 13th through Frontiers Records. The album will include the songs ‘In These Eyes’, ‘Me Just Being Me’, ‘If You Only Knew’ and ‘Warrior’.

Robin Beck - 'On The Bright Side'

Alongside the digital re-release of Arabia’s back-catalogue Z Records have announced John Blaze and Vince O’Regan will work together on the third Arabia album which should be ready for 2018 with live dates to coincide with its release.

Steelheart will release their new album Through Worlds Of Stardust on September 15th via Frontiers Records. It features the tracks ‘My Dirty Girl’, ‘You Got Me Twisted’, ‘With Love We Live Again’ and ‘I’m So In Love With You’.

Steelheart - 'You Got Me Runnin'

Cats In Space release their second album Scarecrow on August 25th. They also hit the road in the UK through September to support its release.

Cats In Space - 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party'

Cult Canadian AOR-ster’s Boulevard will release their new album IV – Luminescence on August 22nd through Melodic Rock Records.

Bouelvard - 'Life Is A Beautiful Thing'

Black Country Communion the classic rock supergroup featuring Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian and Jason Bonham have reformed and have recorded a fourth album BCCIV which will be released on September 22nd. They will also support the album’s release with live shows including two in early January 2018, London (obviously) and one at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on January 2nd – This show of course happens in the area that area that gives BCC their moniker and Hughes’s home ground! The album includes the tracks, ‘Over My Head’, ‘Sway’, ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Love Remains’.

Crazy Lixx - 'Hunters Of The Heart' music video

Kryptonite - 'Keep The Dream Alive' music video

Sweet & Lynch release their second album Unified via Frontiers Records on November 10th. It Includes the tracks ‘Walk’, ‘Make Your Mark’, ‘Find Your Way’ and ‘Heart Of Fire’.

Doomsday Outlaw - 'All That I Have' music video

Popular Swede’s Coldspell return with a fourth album A New World Arise which will be release in September via long term record label Escape Music.

Coldspell - 'Call Of The Wild' music video

The Nights - 'Take Me To Heaven' audio video

Frontiers Records have pulled together a new Metal supergroup called Spirits Of Fire – It features Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (Judas Priest / Iced Earth), Chris Caffrey (Savatage, TSO), Steve DiGiorgio (Testement / Death), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) and produced by Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson / Halford). The album is currently been recorded and is scheduled for release in early 2018.

Birmingham based Melodic Rockers Devilfire will release their debut album Dark Manoeuvres on October 6th. It will feature the tracks ‘She’s Like Fire’, ‘Kill Your Love’, ‘Tear Me Apart’ and ‘She’s Always on the Run’. They are currently organising live shows to support the album including an appearance at HRH Sleaze in Sheffield and a hometown show at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on the 26th of August.

World Trade - 'Lifeforce' audio video

Quiet Riot - 'Can't Get Enough' music video

Frontiers Records have signed Swedish AOR/Melodic Rock act Perfect Plan – their debut will be release on the label in 2018.

Ten - 'Jekyll and Hyde' music video

Legendary funk rockers Extreme return to the UK for a tour this December including Birmingham O2 Academy on the 17th. Their support for the entire UK tour is the mighty and equally legendary Dan Reed Network.

Europe will release their brand-new album Walk The Earth on October 20th. It will include the songs ‘Kingdom United’, ‘Wolves’, ‘Haze’ and ‘Turn To Dust’.

Much talked about and appreciated cult underground UK melodic rockers BURN have finally returned with a new album announced for November 2017! I’m sure anyone already aware of the band will be dancing for joy at this announcement – the band features two new significant band members and for melodic rockers these two names will increase your excitement levels tenfold – New on vocals is Steve Newman and on guitars Chris Green of Pride (and also Tyketto).

Talking of Steve Newman his latest solo album Aerial will be released via AOR Heaven on September 22nd. It will include the songs ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’, ‘Still Bleeding’, ‘Always Strangers’ and ‘Don’t Wake The Lion’. It’s mastered by the awesome Harry Hess and features guest vocals from Steve’s long-time friend Mark Thompson Smith.

Also from AOR Heaven on 22nd September is the third album from Swedish songstress Martina Edoff entitled We Will Align. It will feature the songs ‘Lay Down Your Arms’, ‘Set You Free’, ‘I’m Invincible’ and ‘Alive’.

Steelheart - 'You Got Me Twisted' music video

Cassidy Paris - 'Talk About It' music video

Tyketto are set to release their first live DVD/CD – filmed at the annual Frontiers Festival earlier this year. Simply entitled Live In Milan 2017 it will get released on the Frontiers label on October 13th. It features their debut album performed in its entirety as well as other Tyke favourites – The set list includes ‘Forever Young’, ‘Wings’, ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Burning Down Inside’.

Brit Rock legends UFO will release a covers album The Salentino Cuts on September 29th. It includes ‘Heartful of Soul’, ‘The Pusher’, ‘Rock Candy’ and ‘It’s My Life’.

Guitarist Bob Kulick has released his new solo album Skeletons in the Closet. It includes the songs ‘Not Before You’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Can’t Stop The Rock’ and ‘Eyes of a Stranger’. Unsurprisingly the album features a whole host of famous guest musician appearances including Robin McAuley, Dee Snider, David Glen Eisley, Rudy Sarzo, Vinnie Appice and Frankie Banali amongst them.

Australian teenager Cassidy Paris is set to launch her music career with her new digital single ‘Talk About It’. This melodic rock tune with strong pop rock elements was co-written by the legend that is Paul Laine.

Dirty Thrills - 'I'll Be With You' music video

The legend that is Stan Bush will release his latest album Change The World on the 22nd of September via LA Records/Cargo Records. His 13th studio album will include the tracks ‘Born To Win’, ‘Never Surrender’, ‘The Story Of Love’ and ‘Break These Trains’.

Carmine and Vinnie Appice will release an album together on October 27th entitled Sinister. As I’m sure you could guess the brothers have been joined by some well-known guest musicians including Robin McAuley, Paul Shortino, Joel Hoekstra and Phil Soussan amongst others! The album includes the tracks ‘Killing Floor’, ‘Suddenly’, ‘In The Night’ and ‘War Cry’.

Vixen’s Janet Gardner will release her self-titled debut album on August 18th. It includes the tracks ‘If You Want Me’, ‘Let It Be Over’, ‘Best Friend’ and ‘The Grind’.

Legendary LA rockers Autograph have signed to the EMP record label. They will release their new album Get Off Your Ass through the label on October 6th.

Popular Swedish melodic rockers H.E.A.T release their new album Into the Great Unknown via earMusic on the 22nd of September. It includes the following tracks ‘Shit City’, ‘Best of the Broken’, ‘We Rule’ and ‘Do You Want It’.

Steve Walsh - 'Born In Fire' audio

Legendary guitarist Steve Lukather will release his autobiography April 5th 2018. I’m this will make for fascinating reading for fans of Toto as well as industry insights due to his regular session musician work to big names over the years.

Australian melodic rockers The Radio Sun will release their third album Unstoppable on October 20th through Pride and Joy Records. Once again, the album is guided by genre ledge Paul Laine and The Radio Sun will appear at HRH AOR 2018 – that’s the third year on the bounce they have performed at this festival!

Toby Jepson’s new band Wayward Sons have been announced as the support act for the upcoming Inglorious UK tour in October. This includes a show at The Robin in Bilston on the 7th of October.

Bigfoot - 'Tell Me A Lie' audio video

Wayward Sons - 'Crush' music video

I’ve always had a massive crush on singer/actress Martine McCutcheon and was surprised to learn of her new release Lost& Found – curiosity lead to me check out the video for ‘Say I’m Not Alone’ which features some nice soft rocking guitars and a killer chorus – now the album could be pop/dance to the max but based on this track alone I think fans of soft rock and AOR should at least give it a listen.

Martine McCutcheon - 'Say I'm Not Alone' music video

Escape Music will be releasing the unreleased third album from Target which featured a pre-Survivor Jimi Jamison. Originally recorded in 1979 it will be released on the label in October.

Heaven & Earth - 'The Game Has Changed' lyric video

Robin Beck - 'Love Is Coming' music video

Phantom V - 'Crossfire' music video

Hinder - 'The Reign' audio video

LA Guns - 'Sticky Fingers' audio video

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