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Woody's Round Up (18/2/18) Podcast

posted 18 Feb 2018, 11:10 by Paul Woodward

Voices of Extreme – Black Betty

Wild Rose – It’s All About Love

LeBrock – Runaway

Michael Kratz – Game Of Love (Over and Over)

Maverick – Cold Star Dancer

Martina Edoff – We Will Align

Jon Butcher Axis – It’s Only Words

Keva – Liar

Kate Nash – Drink About You

Dizzy Reed – I Celebrate

Megalithic – Megalithic

KB36 – Who Cares

Cloven Hoof – Age Of Steel

The Rocket Dolls – The Last Thing On My Mind

Innfight – Black Dog

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

FM – Does It Feel Like Love?

Lita Ford – Playin’ With Fire

Foreigner – I’ll Fight For You

Fortune – Stacy

Fergie Frederiksen – Blaze Of Glory

Free Spirit – Until The Night

From The Inside – Suddenly

Foghat – Slow Ride

Fury – I Don’t Take No For An Answer

Ghost – Can’t Stop

Giuffria – Lonely In Love

Gotthard – Said and Done

Lou Gramm – True Blue Love

Gun – Inside Out

Melodic Times February – Melodic Rock and AOR news round-up

posted 18 Feb 2018, 10:53 by Paul Woodward

Stuff By Woody

Axel Rudi Pell will release his latest album Knights Call on March 23rd via SPV/Steamhammer Records. It will again feature Hardline frontman Johnny Gioeli on vocals and include the tracks ‘The Wild and The Young’, ‘Wildest Dreams’, ‘Slaves on the Run’ and ‘Follow The Sun’.

Escape Music will release the second unreleased album from LA’s Salty Dog, the album got shelved during the grunge years and has never been released – until now. Entitled Lost Treasure it will be released on March 23rd and feature the tracks ‘Damned If I Do’, ‘I Need More’, ‘Woman Scorned’ and ‘When Fools Rush In’.

Age of Discovery the brand-new album from Impera will be released on February 23rd on AOR Heaven Records.

The debut Dukes of the Orient album will be released on February 23rd via Frontiers Records. This is definitely one for prog fans to check out as it’s a collaboration between John Payne (Asia) and Erik Norlander (Lana Lane / Last In Line). It features the songs ‘Brother In Arms’, ‘Time Waits For No One’, ‘A Sorrow’s Crown’ and ‘Give Another Reason’.

Cult American Hair Metallers Spread Eagle have announced this week they have a signed a deal with Frontiers Record. The album is a long way off as its scheduled for a 2019 release but this advance news I’m sure will be welcomed by fans of the genre’s heyday and the debut Eagle album, who can forget the classic ‘Hot Sex’! In seriousness ‘Switchblade Serenade’ is considered by many one of the genre’s best songs and is a cult hit!

German melodic rockers Bonfire will release their new album Temple of Lies on the 13th of April.

The next release from new Italian label Art Of melody is Michael Kratz. His album Live Your Life is slated for a March 3rd release. On his latest West Coast / AOR album Kratz has worked with some notable industry musicians and most notably for us AOR fans – Steve Lukather of Toto. Tracks included are ‘This Town Is Lost Without You’, ‘Lying’, ‘Game Of Love (Over and Over)’ and ‘Dying Young’.

Supergroup The Dead Daisies will release their new album Burn It Down on April 6th via SPV/ Spitfire Records. The band hit the road in the UK at the same time to promote this album including a show at The Robin in Bilston on April 9th. Songs set for inclusion are the album are ‘Can’t Take It With You’, ‘Set Me Free’, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘What Goes Around’.

Uriah Heep Keyboardist Phil Lanzon has announced his new solo album If You Think I’m Crazy will be released on February 23rd. Songs included are ‘I Knew I Was Dreaming’, ‘Mind Over Matter’, ‘Lover’s Highway’ and ‘Donna and Joe’.

Doomsday Outlaw - 'Spirit That Made Me' audio video

UK rockers Doomsday Outlaw will release their album Hard Times via Frontiers Records in May.

Hard Rock Hell XII have announced a mammoth batch of new band additions to this coming Novembers Festival. The biggest amongst the announcement are Michael Schenker Fest. Amongst the rest of the additions are The Wild!, Demon, Rock Goddess, The Bad Flowers and Walkway amongst others.

Northern Ireland’s cult AOR-ster’s No Hot Ashes will release their long-awaited comeback album on March 23rd via Frontiers Records. It will include the songs ‘Satisfied’, ‘’I’m Back’, ‘Over Again’ and ‘Running Red Lights’.

No Hot Ashes - 'Come Alive' audio video

American rockers Voices of Extreme have announced a Six date UK tour for this coming September – 3 dates are TBC with another three announced for Liverpool, London and Newcastle.

Radio Rockageddon launches on February 12th and will stream 24/7 AOR, Melodic Rock and Classic Rock via their website.

FM - 'Make The Best Of What You Got' audio Video

Classic German melodic rockers Bonfire release Temple of Lies on April 13th through AFM records. It features the following songs amongst its track listing, ‘On The Wings of an Angel’, ‘Stand or Fall’, ‘I’ll Never Be Loved By You’ and ‘Crazy Over You’.

Frontiers Records is continuing to grow and have now opened a UK office in London which will be headed by Wally Van Middendorp.

Frontiers Records have put together a new supergroup Dream Child. The band features Craig Goldy (Dio / Giuffria) Wayne Findlay (MSG) Simon Wright (AC/DC / Dio / Operation Mindcrime) Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot /Whitesnake / Ozzy / Dio) Diego Valdez (Helker). More details when I get them…

The Cyberium will release their self-titled debut album on February 21st on Melodic Rock Records. This Progressive Rock project features former 7th Heaven vocalist Keith Semple on vocals. It’ll feature the tracks ‘Cool Kids’, ‘The Fall’, ‘Alice in Afterland’ and ‘Nostalgia’.

Finnish heavy rockers Leverage have returned after a long hiatus with a new vocalist and a brand new single. Their new vocalist is Urban Tale’s Kimmo Blom.

Leverage - 'Red Moon Over Sonora' music video

JK Northrup’s The Mood Groove is set to display a different side to the musician. As the band name may suggest you can expect something a little different and funky and should appeal to fans of Living Colour and Mother’s Finest. It will include the tracks ‘Funk Soul Sister’, ‘We Are The Mushroom Men’, ‘Leaning To Far In’ and ‘Disintegrating Gods’. It will be released via Escape Music on April 20th.

Jari Tiura will release his debut solo album King Of Lions through AOR Heaven on the 23rd of March. The former Michael Schenker Group vocalist will be going in a more AOR direction with his solo album and will include the tracks ‘London’, ‘Friends and Foes’ and ‘Away From All The Magic and Wonder’.

April the 20th sees the release of God Damn Evil the latest album from Christian rockers Stryper via Frontiers Records. It includes the tracks ‘Take

Jizzy Pearl will release his new album All You Need Is Soul via Frontiers Records on May 11th. It includes the tracks ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone’, ‘House Of Sin’, ‘When The Devil Comes’ and ‘High For An Eye’. Jizzy is also on the road on the UK on an extensive tour in May including a show at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on May 5th.

Melodic Rock Records will release the first offering from the collaboration between JK Northrup and David Cagle entitled That’s Gonna Leave A Mark on March 30th.

Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Group have signed Swedish Glam band Lipz. Their album Scaryman is expected to be released in May via the Italian label.

Z Records have announced the signing of Sante Fe based melodic rockers Fireblast. Their debut album is due for release in June and will be preceded by a single ‘Frozen Tears’ and it’s accompanying video. More Info as it’s revealed.

Woody's Round Up (11/2/18) Podcast

posted 11 Feb 2018, 16:27 by Paul Woodward

Iconic Eye – Am I The One

Prayer – Ten Days In Hell

Xtasy – Open Your Eyes

Ammunition – Virtual Reality Boy

Little Caesar – Time Enough For That

Kane’d – I Do What I Want1.37.

Magnum – Storm Baby

Rick Springfield – Land Of The Blind

Toto – I’ll Be Over You

Kim Wilde – Pop Don’t Stop

Louise Steel – Armoured Heart

Dierks Bentley – Woman, Amen

Jari Tiura – Take On The World

Tokyo Storm – Fire In Your Eyes

Denied – Don’t You Know Me

Saxon – Sniper

Loudness – Go For Broke

Anvil – Doing What I Want

Yours Truly – High Hopes

Last Days Of Eden – The Wanderer

Dead Of Night – Seraphim

Lione / Conti – You’re Falling

Armoured Dawn – Sail Away

Borealis – Sign Of No Return

Dead City Ruins – Bones

Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins – Hordes Of Fire

Labyrinth – The Night Of Dreams (Live)

Firefly – Where You Gonna Run

Firehouse – Hold Your Fire

Woody's Round Up (14/1/18) Podcast

posted 14 Jan 2018, 17:19 by Paul Woodward

Fire Tiger – ‘Love The Way’

The Radio Sun – ‘Unstoppable’

Flashbot – ‘Tonight With You’

Dukes of The Orient – ‘Strange Days’

Taste – ‘We Are Back’

The Spin – ‘The Life of a Hero’

Voodoo Circle – ‘Just Take My Heart’

Chris Bay – ‘Flying Hearts’

Aerodyne – ‘Run Away’

Impera – ‘The Right Stuff’

Nasty High – ‘Here We Are’

Ignore The Sign – ‘Saviours of Rock’

Sebastien – ‘Amy’

Sugarland – ‘Still The Same’

Andy Basiola – ‘Let’s Rock N Roll’

The Dead Daisies – ‘Song and a Prayer’

Thundermother – ‘Rip Your Heart Out’

Roadcase Royale – ‘Cover Each Other’

The Killers – ‘Run For Cover’

Betty Moon – ‘Natural Disaster’

Gleb Kolyadin – ‘The Best of Days’

Black Moth – ‘Moonbow’

Cry Wolf – ‘On The Run’

The Cutting Crew – ‘(I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight’

Damn Yankee’s – ‘Silence Is Broken’

Damned Nation – ‘The Reason I Live’

The Darkness – ‘Growing On Me’

Deadline – ‘Love’s A Battle’

Device – ‘Who Says’

Def Leppard – ‘Torn To Shreds’

Melodic Times January - Melodic Rock and AOR news round-up

posted 13 Jan 2018, 15:26 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 13 Jan 2018, 15:29 ]

Stuff by Woody

Boulevard - 'Life Is Beautiful' music video

Frontiers Records will release the self-titled album from Sweden’s ReVertigo on February 23rd. The band features Mats Leven on vocals and Anders Wikstrom (Treat) on guitar. It will include the tracks ‘Symphony Of Fallen Angels’, ‘False Flag’, ‘Joan Of Arc’ and ‘Break Away’.

Frontiers have already announced Gotthard’s Leo Leoni’s new band Core Leoni, well now we have a release date and album title – February 23rd and The Greatest Hits part 1. This album as previously stated is re-recorded versions of Gotthard songs and feature the vocal talent of current Rainbow man Ronnie Romero. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Anytime, Anywhere’, ‘All I Care For’, ‘Firedance’ and ‘Let It Be’.

Unruly Child will release a live CD / DVD package entitled Unhinged – Live From Milan on February 23rd via Frontiers Records. Tracks amongst the setlist include ‘Who Cries Now’, ‘Lay Down Your Arms’, ‘When Love Is Gone’ and ‘To Be Your Everything’.

A new band to keep an eye out for are Dukes of the Orient which features John Payne and Erik Norlander. Release date is 23rd of February vis Frontiers Records the track list has been announced and features ‘Brothers In Arms’, ‘Strange Days, ‘Time waits For No One’ and ‘Give Another Reason’. This album has apparently been 10 years in the making.

The Frontiers Rock Festival have announced the line-up for the fifth addition of this Milan based Fest. Here’s the line-up April 28th -  Stryper, Quiet Riot, Michael Thompson band, Praying Mantis, Ammunition, Bigfoot, Hell in The Club – April 29th – Jorn, Jack Russell’s Great White, FM, Pretty Boy Floyd, Issa, Animal Drive and Perfect Plan.

The Dead Daisies will be hitting the Robin 2 in Bilston on the 9th of April, sure to be a busy a night for this supergroup! Get your tickets sharpish!

The Great Masquerade - 'Say You're Mine' music video

Westcoast / AOR artist Michael Kratz will release his Live Your Life album on March 3rd via Art of Melody / Burning Minds music. It will include the tracks ‘This Town Is Lost Without You’, ‘Never Take Us Alive’, ‘Game Of Love (Over and Over)’ and ‘Dying Young’.

Marco Mendoza will release his new album Viva La Rock on March 3rd through Mighty Music. The title track will be released as a single and video on January 19th, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Coreleoni - 'Walk On Water' music video

Blood Red Saints - 'Live and Die' music video

Blood Red Saints - 'Wake Up' lyric video

Sleaze rockers Stray Bullets will release their debut album Shut Up on January 28th via Sneakout Records / Burning Minds Music. It will include the tracks ‘Get On You’, ‘Hurts’, ‘One Way Emotion’ and ‘Rain. It was recorded at Atomic Stuff studios in Italy.

PAL - 'Double Nature' lyric video

Code Red - 'I Won't Be Your Hero' music video

Signal Red the collaboration between respected English musicians Lee Small and Steve Grocott will release their album via Escape Music. The album which has been long in the making since 2013 but was slowed down by Grocott’s work with TEN will be called Under The Radar and unleashed on February 23rd. It will include the tracks ‘Defiant’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Tell It To The Bees’ and ‘Emotions in Motion’.

Frontiers Records have signed a physical distribution deal for the UK and Eire with The Orchard UK. I’m hoping this will mean some reduction in prices on Frontiers Releases which are a good £5 + more expensive than an average release, so we can keep our fingers crossed we can purchase even more releases in the new year!

Cult hair metallers Bulletboys return with their new album From Out Of The Skies. It will be released on Frontiers Records this coming March 23rd and will feature the tracks ‘Losing End Again’, ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Switchblade Butterfly’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’.

Bulletboys - 'D-Evil' music video

ReVertigo - 'The Cause' lyric video

W.E.T - 'Watch The Fire' music video

Well respected musician and producer Michael Voss (Mad Max / Casanova) is releasing a solo album of cover songs from his youth entitled Remember Yesterday. Set to feature amongst the track list is – ‘Rock Me Baby’ by David Cassidy, ‘God Only Knows’ by The Beach Boys, ‘I’m Not In Love’ by 10CC and ‘When You Walk In The Room’ by Paul Nicholas. Look out for it on January 21st and is strictly limited edition to just 300 copies.

Whitesnake - 'Burn' music video

Iconic Eye - 'Am I The One' music video

Voices of Extreme have signed to Z Records with the first single from them ‘Call My Name’ been released as the first digital single, the album is set to follow this coming April. The band have toured the USA extensively supporting genre legends Tesla and feature Bobby Marks on Drums (Arabia), the American power trio are causing waves in their homeland and are hoping to do the same in Europe this year.

Voices of Extreme - 'Call My Name' music video

Aerodyne - 'We All Live A Lie' lyric video

Woody's Rock Reviews December 2017 music video playlist

posted 7 Jan 2018, 13:49 by Paul Woodward

The December music video playlist is now ready, check below for a list of videos featured, so click the link and crank it up!

December 2017 music video playlist

Reach – ‘The Great Divine’

Code Red – ‘I Won’t be Your Hero’

PAL – ‘Double Nature’

Blood Red Saints – ‘Wake Up’

Blood Red Saints – ‘Live & Die’

Coreleoni – ‘Walk On Water’

Stereo Satellites – ‘Glass Houses’

The Grand Masquerade – ‘Say You’re Mine’

Silked and Stained – ‘Anytime, Anywhere’

Edenthorn – ‘Hearts Still Beating’

The King Lot – ‘Maybe They’re Watching Us’

Boulevard – ‘Life Is A Beautiful Thing’

Voodoo Circle – ‘Running Away From Love’

Rexoria – ‘Queen of Light’

Ignore The Sign – ‘When Words Ain’t Enough’

Heaven & Earth – ‘Hellfire’

Shiraz Lane – ‘Carnival Days’

Jack Russell’s Great White – ‘Blame It On The Night’

Kane’d – ‘Show Me Your Skeleton’

Fahran – ‘State Of Mind’

Fiction Syxx – ‘Where We Belong’

Magnum – ‘Without Love’

Denied – ‘Beggars and Thieves’

Mindfeels – ‘Skyline’

Angra – ‘Travellers In Time’

Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins – ‘Avengers of Eden’

Saxon – ‘Thunderbolt’

Sister Shotgun – ‘Silhouettes’

The Rasmus – ‘Silver Night’

Scorpions – ‘Follow Your Heart’

Visions Of Atlantis – ‘Return To Lemuria’

Scherer / Batten – ‘Space and Time’

Kings Call – ‘Cry On The Wind’

Lissie – ‘Blood and Muscle’

Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘Feel The Heat’

Chris Bay – ‘Radio Starlight’

Woody's Round Up - Radio Show - (17/12/17)

posted 18 Dec 2017, 15:56 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 18 Dec 2017, 15:57 ]

Lebrock – Please Don’t Cry

Fahran -  State Of Mind

Edenthorn – Hearts Still Beating

Alcyona – The Lost Valley

Squealer – Time Goes By

Jimmy Barnes – Let’s Make It Last All Night

Sheryl Crow – Strangers Again

Secret Sphere – Kindness

Coldspell – It Hurts

Europe – The Siege

Danze Macabre – Nothing Can Last Forever

Louise Steel – Pedestal

Alien Rock Explosion – Once A Week

Xanima – Planet Hope

Shadowqueen – Open Your Eyes

Jacqueline Lovely Perras – King of The World

All For King – Salt Of The Earth

Stud – Hey You

Dolls Diary – Stranger

Phoenix Calling – Time Runs Out

Cinderella – Somebody Save Me

Coney Hatch – She’s Gone

Alice Cooper – Die For You

The Cranberries – Promises

Crimson Glory – Lonely

Crown Of Thorns – The Healer

Crowded House – It’s Only Natural

Melodic Times December 2017 - melodic rock and aor news round-up

posted 15 Dec 2017, 09:00 by Paul Woodward

Stuff by Woody

A new band put together by Gotthard guitarist Leo Leoni – CoreLeoni have been signed to Frontiers Records. The songs featured on this album will be refreshed and rerecorded versions of Gotthard classics with one brand new song ‘Walk On Water’. The band features the vocal talents of Ronnie Romero the current voice of Rainbow. It’s slated for release in February 2018.

Eisley / Goldy - 'Soul Of Madness' audio video

Hard Rock Hell have announced the first batch of bands scheduled to play 2018 edition of the Festival in November, including headliners Saxon and The Dead Daises. Other bands of note include Femme Fatale, Tygers of Pan Tang and Girlschool.

Wildness - 'Alibi' audio video

Jeff Scott Soto - 'Retribution' music video

Classic Rock legends Uriah Heep have started recording their 25th album which is set to be called Living The Dream and will be released via Frontiers Records. Tentatively scheduled for an Autumn 2018 release a full tour which will support this album will be announced in the coming months.

Swedish rockers Aerodyne will release their first full length album Breaking Free via Street Symphonies/Burning Minds Music on December 15th. Tracks included are ‘Comin For You’, ‘Until You’re Gone’, ‘Setting Hell on Fire’ and ‘Run Away’.

Multi National rockers Panorama will release their debut album Around The World on January 12 via ROAR Records and is produced by Dennis Ward. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Standing My Ground’, ‘Heart Has Been Broken’, ‘One For All’ and ‘The Glory Within’.

John Oates (of Hall and Oates fame) will be releasing a solo album on February 2nd entitled Arkansas.

Madman's Lullaby - 'One Shot' music video

Raintimes - 'Make My Day' audio video

Silked and Stained - 'Hold My Hand' music video

Following the departure (again) of original vocalist Tony Harnell from TNT they have announced their new singer. It is Baol Bardot Bulsara.

Lione Conti - 'Ascension' music video

Aerodyne - 'Coming For You' music video

Frontiers Records have announced a new album from the Michael Thompson Band is in the works with a release expected in 2018. This has also lead to news that Soleil Moon will release their third album through the label once Thompson and vocalist Larry King have wrapped up this album.

Animal Drive will release their debut album Bite through Frontiers Records on February 23rd. The album includes the songs ‘Had Enough’, ‘Lights of the Dammed’, ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Devil Took My Beer Again’.

Animal Drive - 'Tower Of Lies (I Walk Alone)' music video

Ammunition - 'Freedom Finder' music video

UK melodic rockers Blood Red Saints return with Love Hate Conspiracies – set for release on AOR Heaven this January 26th. The band now feature guitarist Neil Hibbs who is said to bring a harder edge to the bands overall sound. Tracks set for inclusion include the co-written ‘Is It Over’ (with Paul Laine) and ‘Turn On The Night’ (With Steve Brown – Trixter) alongside ‘Live and Die’ and ‘Something in Your Kiss’.

Swedes PAL will release their debut album Prime through AOR Heaven on January 26th. PAL is a musical collaboration between Roger Ljunggren, Peter Andersson and Peo Pettersson and the bands roots go all the way back to the late Eighties. Tracks included are ‘Carry On’, ‘Double Nature’ and ‘Heads Or Tails’.

Rick Springfield - 'Little Demon' audio video

Age Sten Nilsen’s Ammuniton release their new album which is self titled on January 26th via Frontiers Records. Tracks set for inclusion are ‘Eye For An Eye’, ‘Wrecking Crew’, ‘Miss Summertime’ and ‘Bad Bones’.

In surprising news Frontiers Records have announced the signing of cult melodic rockers Tora Tora! The new album is a little way off though with a tentative early 2019 release as the band start writing and recording the new album during 2018.

Italian sleaze hard rockers Stray Bullets have signed to Sneakout Records and will release their debut album Shut Up.

Chris Bay - 'Radio Starlight' lyric video

Roulette - 'The Only Way' music video

Escape Music will release Jon Butcher Axis debut album for the first time on CD this January 19th. It comes complete with linear notes from Dave Reynolds and features the tracks ‘Life Takes A Life’, ‘Can’t Be The Only Fool’, ‘It’s Only Words’ and ‘Ocean in Motion’.

British melodic rockers Burn have delayed the release of their new album Ice Age until February 28th. The new line-up features respected British melodic rock musicians Chris Green and Steve Newman.

Scherer / Batten - 'Space and Time' music video

Taste who feature members of acclaimed melodic rockers Art Nation will release a new single ‘We Are Back’ on January 5th.

Prayer will release Silent Soldiers via Escape Music on January 19th. It will feature the tracks ‘Fires Of The Heart’, ‘Devil’s Daughter’, ‘King Of The Hill’ and ‘No Giver, All Taker’.

Angra will release their ninth studio album Omni on February 16th via earMusic. Included are the tracks ‘Black Widow’s Web’, ‘Travellers Of Time’, ‘The Bottom Of My Soul’ and ‘Always More’.

Beloved British NWOBHM act Saxon return with an all new album Thunderbolt on February 2nd. It will include the songs ‘Olympus Rising’, ‘Predator’, ‘Son Of Odin’ and ‘Sniper’.

Saxon - 'Thunderbolt' music video

Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins -'Avengers of Eden' audio video

Mindfeels - 'Skyline' lyric video

Welsh melodic rockers Kane’d will release their new album on February 9th and it’s entitled Show Me Your Skeleton. 

Crashdiet have announced their new singer - Gabriel Keyes and a new single ‘We Are Legion’ will be released on New Years Eve. Keyes live debut will come on March 30th in Stockholm.

Magnum - 'Without Love' lyric video

Z Records will release Scarecrow Blood, Sweat and 20 years on all digital platforms on January 19th. The label hinted at further collaborations with Scarecrow main man John Blaze soon.

Finland’s Shiraz Lane will release their new album Carnival Days on February 23rd via Frontiers Records.

Shiraz Lane - 'Carnival Days' audio video

Woody's Round Up - Radio Show - (10/12/17)

posted 10 Dec 2017, 16:57 by Paul Woodward

W.E.T – ‘Watch The Fire’

Magnum – ‘Without Love’

Scorpions – ‘Follow Your Heart’

Cahoot – ‘All 4 U’

Greta Van Fleet – ‘Black Smoke Rising’

The New Roses – ‘Every Wild Heart’

Sleeping Romance – ‘Lost In My Eyes’

Amberian Dawn – ‘Maybe’

Agnes – ‘I Thought We Were Lovers’

Alias – ‘One More Chance’

Amaze Me – ‘Tough Ain’t Enough’

Angels Or Kings – ‘Any Other Girl’

Jann Arden – ‘I Would Die For You’

Aviator – ‘Through The Night’

Baby Animals – ‘Break My Heart’

Bad Company – ‘Waiting on Love’

Balance Of Power – ‘When Love Is On Your Side’

Jimmy Barnes – ‘I’d Die To be With You Tonight’

Baton Rouge – ‘Didn’t I’

Big Mouth – ‘Without Love’

Blonde on Blonde – ‘No One Like You’

Blue Oyster Cult – ‘Burnin’ For You’

Blue Tears – ‘Take This Heart’

Michael Bormann – ‘Can’t Stop Missing You’

Brighton Rock – ‘Who’s Foolin Who’

Terry Brock – ‘Up All Night’

Vinny Burns – ‘Falling’

Stan Bush – ‘Take It Like A Man’

Woody's Round Up - Radio Show - (3/12/17)

posted 3 Dec 2017, 16:33 by Paul Woodward

Houston – ‘Amazing’

Roulette – ‘The Only Way’

Eisley/Goldy – ‘The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’

PAL – ‘Carry On’

Steve Walsh – ‘The Piper’

Toto – ‘Alone’

Blood Red Saints – ‘Wake Up’

Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘High School Queen’

Rexoria – ‘Queen Of Light’

Warrior – ‘Boys Gonna Rock’

King King – ‘(She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’’

Naked Sunday – ‘Other Side Of Town’

The Haxans – ‘Dirty Magic’

Halflives – ‘Burn’

Crashing Atlas – ‘Savages’

The Aces – ‘Stuck’

Banners – ‘Someone To You’

Jono – ‘My Love’

Madame Mayhem – ‘All Around The World’

Galactic Cowboys – ‘Internal Masquerade’

Operation Mindcrime – ‘The New Reality’

Hunter Hayes – ‘Rescue’

Kallon – ‘Falling’

Broken Witt Rebels – ‘Wait For You’

U2 – ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’

Lee Aaron – ‘Powerline’

Bryan Adams – ‘Run To You’

Adriangale – ‘Save Our Love’

Aerosmith – ‘Falling In Love (Is Hard On Your Knees)’

1-10 of 93