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World's Apart - Clean Slate

posted 25 Jul 2011, 07:56 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 08:01 ]
(Perris Records)
A new band to me but from the PR I gather this is the bands fourth album, the band consists of all original members, Jay Davids
Vocals , Rich Cedillo Guitars, Gary Silva Drums & JAS Bass. This American bands style is very much in the vain of traditional 80s melodic hard rock Dokken / Lynch Mob and they wear their influences firmly on their sleeve. JAS the bass player also produced this album with the plan to capture the bands live energy & sound on CD.

Unfortunately to me its the production that lets the album down, there is some really good stuff and ideas on Clean Slate and there is a lot on here that would appeal to fans of the genre. I think the “live capture” approach may have taken the shine and impact from many of the songs and given a smoother more crisp and clear production could have made this album far more instant. The production also doesnt shine the vocalist in the best light, but I dont think the problem is with his voice more in the production style, I think Jays vocals would have came across far stronger with a cleaner studio production. Actually to me the production sounds incomplete and as if Im listening to an album of demos. I do understand what the band have attempted to do and given their growing reputation on the live circuit they wished to capitalize on it, but for me it doesnt work.

Overall it’s an ok album; worth checking out if you like Dokken-esque melodic hard rock theirs some good melodies and entertaining melodies. Some cool ideas but the production lets things down and sometimes the vocals get a little lost in it. Its nothing new or original but if you like this type of music its definitely worth checking out find some sound samples or even check out their video for The Light”.

The album kicks off with Heaven Sent a good way to start the album with a real 80s melodic rock sound and a memorable chorus a good indicator of what to expect from the rest of the album. All Your Lovin’” has a funky bass line which gives the song a nice energy and it delivers another smooth chorus in a similar style to the opening track. Ballad The Light is one of the strongest songs on the album but would have benefited tremendously from a cleaner production love the subtle keyboard work on this tune.

We Cant Go On contains some memorable melodies and opens with a cool guitar riff and builds to a big melodic chorus. Two For Nothin is another cool idea with a good formula but the production lets it down. 80s inspired Fight Hard has some good verses but the chorus could have been more instant with a smoother production.

The album loses momentum come the final third with Hard Times, Body Double & Center Stage all failing to impress me or grab my attention and seemed to be a little bit of padding to fill the album out.

If you can look past the poor production (or should that be hear?) there is some enjoyable slices of 80s inspired melodic rock on here, but it does tail of in song quality towards the end. It’ll be interesting finding out where the band goes from here with album number 5, I know theyve been around a while but Im new to the band and they do show a lot of promise to me and better production could turn me into a fan.

Track Listing: Heaven Sent / All Your Lovin / The Light / We Cant Go On / Two 4 Nothing / Fight Hard / Hard Times / Body Double / Center Stage

Album Rating: 2/5

Woodys Essential Track: The Light

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