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Warrant – ‘Louder Harder Faster’

posted 11 Jul 2017, 08:33 by Paul Woodward

(Frontiers Records)

Review by Woody

Like many fans of melodic hard rock Warrant are one of those bands that I can wax lyrical about and praise endlessly so the release of ‘Louder, Harder, Faster’ the long awaited follow up to the awesome ‘Rockaholic’ was exciting news to me. I know many can’t get past Jani Lane’s death and the continuation of the band, but as I always do I let the music do the talking before instantly dismissing a band. Also, Robert Mason is a fantastic singer and although vocally very different to Lane he has done a fine job for the band over recent years so giving Warrant 2.0 the benefit of the doubt will always be my intention.

‘Louder, Harder, Faster’ isn’t the album I was hoping for though, whilst on the surface it seems a decent enough hard rock album it feels very throw away. The song writing seems very superficial, perhaps rushed or just unloved, but it feels as though they needed new material and came up with some pleasing bog standard stuff to keep fans appeased.

I think initially Warrant fans will be pleased by the rambunctious old school hard rock drive of the album, the monster riffs and squealing solo’s harking back to the genre’s and band’s heyday. Personally, though the album never really captures my attention, it never gets under my skin compelling me to listen to the songs over and over. It just lacks those instant killer choruses and hooks that draw you into a song without you thinking about it. ‘Louder, Harder, Faster’ is the sort of album that some people will say grows on you with repeated listens, for me it was the opposite. Repeated listens made it even more disappointing and the songs seemed most effective on their initial impact, I suppose because I have such high standards for a band of this calibre this mediocre album just doesn’t cut the mustard with me.

‘Louder Harder Faster’ is an album I would definitely advise people to check out samples of beforehand and although my opinion is negative I also have to strongly point out the album is far from weak, it’s just very average and will still please as many fans as those that feel the same as I. Check it out for definite just don’t expect classic Warrant!

Track Listing: Louder Harder Faster / Devil Dancer / Perfect / Only Broken Heart / U In My Life / Music Man / Faded / New Rebellion / Big Sandy / Choose Your Fate / Let It Go

Album Rating: 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Faded