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VEGA – ‘Who We Are’

posted 3 Jul 2016, 11:16 by Paul Woodward

(Frontiers Records)

Review By Woody

I’m a massive fan of British rockers VEGA and whilst opinion until now has been quite divided with some within melodic rock circles not ‘getting it’ I have always gotten what the band are about and their three previous albums have been the most played albums amongst my collection with all the albums always getting regular plays. With each album I have felt the band have one upped themselves and ‘Who We Are’ yet again steps it up to the next level. I really want to go nuts and scream ‘Best, Album, Ever’ but I have said that before and more than once, but the fact remains this is an awesome album and certainly VEGA’s best yet.

The principal songwriters of the Martin Brothers and Nick Workman truly bring out the best in each other but also they create a unique sound which is unmistakably VEGA which you don’t hear in their other bands and projects. Yet again they fill their songs with so many hooks - vocal, guitar, harmony, keyboard - that every song grips you and gets a reaction from you in one form or another, whether it’s a raised fist or lip tremble they know how to write songs that get right under your skin.

I think this album will reach out more to traditional melodic rock fans more so than they have in the past, whilst commercial has always been their brand, this time there is a smoother and brighter tone which will make it easier for traditionalists to ‘get it’. I tell you now anyone who doesn’t feel the need to strip naked and bounce of the walls to ‘Explode’ sing along loudly to ‘Every Little Monster’ and lose their shit to ‘If Not You’ obviously doesn’t like commercial rock music!

I think there is a few songs on here that deserve a lot of respect like the immensely powerful ‘Hurts So Bad’ which is now currently my anthem and the heartfelt ballad ‘Nothing Is Forever’ which are songs I feel would win awards and nods of respect from their song writing peers. Vocalist Workman has taken a lot of criticism over the years and I think with many of his performances on this album many may have to eat their words as for me it’s Workman’s most diverse and impressive album to date.

Total rock perfection, the only way VEGA know!

Track Listing: Explode / We Got It All / Every Little Monster / Nothing Is Forever / White Flag / For Our Sins / Generation Now / Ignite / Savin’ Grace / If Not You / Hurts So Bad

Album Rating: 10/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Hurts So Bad