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Tytus – ‘Rises’

posted 19 Apr 2017, 12:45 by Paul Woodward

(Sliptrick Records)

Review by Woody

Italian’s Tytus are old school NWOBHM and the song writers obvious love of the early eighties metal boom is evident in the multitude of styles they incorporate into their own sound. There are elements of Iron Maiden, specifically in the melodic guitar soloing alongside the metal bite of Judas Priest and the gritty rock of Saxon.

‘Rises’ for me though is a little lacklustre and pales in comparison to the bands it aspires to rub shoulders with. It’s a bit like fan fiction, it has the heart and desire and knows all the right things to make it work but it will always be amateur and a second-rate version of the original. It’s not a bad album, it just doesn’t step into the light and capture the essence of the genres sound. They probably borrow too heavily from their influences and the different elements don’t always work mashed up together. There are bands out there who are replicating NWOBHM in a retro fashion but with modern twists and production values who make this album sound extremely dated and seemingly lacking creativity in their song writing.

There are a couple of nice moments shining through, some cool galloping bass lines and soaring melodic guitar soloing but the songs always feel a mess and there isn’t a song that feels totally cohesive to me. So, as I’m listening to the album through it never connects or hits me, I gave the album as many spins as I could to see if eventually something would grab my attention, sadly it didn’t. I try to look for positives when reviewing so I can be fair in my judgement but even after repeated listens I found myself struggling to find those things I could highlight positively. I struggled with the vocals from the offset which didn’t help, genre fans may be less bothered as their typical metal, raspy, guttural vocals this genre tends to favour but I just found them off-putting.

For me ‘Rises’ is for NWOBHM fans only, it’s not an acquired taste but it does need the ears of a genre devotee to get excited by these songs and enjoy this album as a whole. I know there is elements to these songs and their structures that will be enjoyed by fans of the genre especially those who crave that original sound the pioneers of the genre created in the infancy of this style.

Track Listing: Ode to the Mighty Sun / New Frontier / Haunted / 325 AD / White Lines / Omnia Sunt Communia / Inland View / Desperate Hopes / New Dawn’s Eve / Blues On The Verge of Apocalypse

Album Rating: 1/10

Woody’s Essential Track: N/A