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Triumph - Greatest Hits remixed

posted 25 Jul 2011, 08:26 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 08:29 ]
(Frontiers Records)
I’m a massive fan of Canadian’s Triumph, so how do I review a Greatest Hits album from them? GO BUY NOW!!!!! The three piece, Rik Emmett (Guitar & Vocals) , Gil Moore (Drums & Vocals) & Mike Levine (Bass & keyboards) are often compared to fellow Canadian trio Rush. I think Triumph are far more accessible and commercial than Rush, who I personally find a bit of an acquired taste. This collection encompasses all their albums from 1977 to 1986, strangely nothing from the bands 87 album “Surveillance” one of my favourite Triumph albums and remixed by Rich Chycki to give the songs an updated production sound.

If you like your classic rock, or hard rock with a massive melodic and commercial feel to it, you’ll love Triumph! If you’re new to Triumph this is an essential purchase and a very good introduction to the band. If you’re an established fan, other than the songs having an updated production you may feel their might not be much point of picking this one up. That’s why the selling point to this album for fans is the bonus DVD, which contains lots of bonus goodies - promo video’s, live video’s & even footage of the band’s introduction to the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame.

Track list wise, I’m sure most hardcore fans would have picked total different songs, I know I would have put “Tears In The Rain” & ”Never say Never” on here. That said the songs chosen do evenly reflect the bands back catalogue and do consist of the band’s most famous songs and singles. From 77’s Rock & Roll Machine - “Rock & Roll Machine”. From 79’s Just A Game - “Lay It On The Line” & “Hold On”. From 80’s Progressions of Power - “I Live For The Weekend”. From 81’s Allied Forces - “Allied Forces”, “Magic Power” & “Fight The Good Fight”. From 82’s Never Surrender - “Never Surrender” & “Lights Go Down”. From 84’s Thunder Seven - “Follow Your Heart” & “Spellbound” and finally from 86’s The Sport Of Kings - “Just One Night” & “Somebody’s Out There”. The album also features an unreleased version of their cover of Nazareth’s “Love Hurts”.

I can’t recommend highly enough this fantastic collection of songs from one of the greatest classic rock bands of all time. Did I forget to say GO BUY NOW?!

Track Listing:

Allied Forces / Lay It On The Line / Follow Your Heart / Magic Power / I Live For The Weekend / Hold On / Just One Night / Fight The Good Fight / Spellbound / Never Surrender / Lights Go Down / Somebody’s Out There / Rock and Roll Machine / Love Hurts

Album Rating: 5/5

Woody's Essential Track: Just One Night

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