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Tragik – ‘Tainted’

posted 7 Jan 2018, 12:51 by Paul Woodward

(Rock Company)

Review by Woody

This is the seventh album from Phil Vincent’s Tragik which also features the guitar slinging talents of Damien D’Ercole. I didn’t realise the band had released so many albums and it’s been a few years since it’s enjoyable predecessor ‘Come and Get It’. ‘Tainted’ continues Vincent’s trend of producing solid and enjoyable melodic rock albums and if you’re a fan of Vincent or any of his projects then this will be another welcome addition to your collection.

I don’t know how a song writer as busy and prolific as Vincent does it but he is very good at maintaining solid musical output, if you’re an established fan you won’t be disappointed, Vincent’s distinctive vocals and approach are ever present. I think a lot has to do with Vincent’s diverse song writing which really helps prevent his music becoming stale or repetitive. Vincent has never been afraid to mix it up within his song writing which helps keep it fresh whilst keeping his songs within the melodic rock genre. He can be quite experimental and while I’m sure this may not appeal to everyone’s taste it does stretch and diversify Vincent’s songs. One of the most notable things Vincent plays about with on this album is electronic sounds and samples which add a touch of trance (as bizarre as that sounds) and mild Industrial flavours to certain songs, he manages to contain these elements within a melodic rock flow and structure so it’s not as scary or left field as you may surmise before hearing it, he makes it work very effectively.

The songs on this album are very diverse and showcase various styles and flows, from prog to pop to punk and blues based hard rock. Vincent’s lyric’s touch on a diverse range of subjects that are always though provoking too.

‘Not Over You’ is a progressive tinged atmospheric rocker which has a killer chorus and exudes an early AOR tone. The title track is a punk twisted bouncy rocker with a fist pumping chorus, ‘Regrets’ has a pop style chorus counterbalancing its swaggering rock edge and ‘Face of Sorrow’ is dark, with a driven guitar riff and a sweeping chorus.

Overall ‘Tainted’ is a great melodic rock record with its own distinctive flavour that will appeal to those with traditional tastes as well as those bored of formulaic AOR by the numbers, cause that sure as hell isn’t what Vincent creates!

Track Listing: Welcome Back / Not Over You / Can’t Take It Back / Into The Great Unknown / Face Of Sorrow / Out Of Nowhere / ‘Til I See You Again / Nobody’s There / Regrets / Tainted / Heaven / Harsh Reality

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Not Over You