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Tragik - 'Path of Destruction'

posted 1 Mar 2015, 08:00 by Paul Woodward

(Purley BMI)

Review by Woody

Songwriter Phil Vincent is one of the busiest musicians there is, not only does he have a solo career he also has several bands that he is part of running alongside like Legion and of course Tragik. Most of these bands he is also the principal songwriter so the fact he manages to keep the quality of his material so high is a real talent. I think these varying bands also allow him to show different sides to his song writing, Tragik for example highlight a lighter, brighter pop rock vibe than the darkness and groove of Legion for example.

I’m a big fan of Vincent’s output because he is so consistent at putting out enjoyable melodic rock albums, but because he is so prolific you are always waiting for that dud to rear its ugly head. Thankfully ‘Path Of Destruction’ isn’t a dud in fact it’s far from it, I took to the album instantly and can quite categorically state that ‘Path Of Destruction’ is bar far the strongest album Vincent has released under the Tragik moniker.

I found that Vincent pushed himself vocally more on this record and there is a few moments where I reckon it’s the best he has ever sang. This album could quite possibly contain my favourite Vincent song of all time in ‘Reflections (Walk Away)’ a wonderfully upbeat summer fuelled ballad with some great acoustic guitars that really intensify the feel good vibe and an unforgettable chorus. You still have those crunching guitars that are synonymous with Vincent’s song writing but this album is really melody driven with lots of harmony drenched choruses, so the guitar crunch still gives the songs some drive and punch but never over powers the feel good melodies.

The album is essentially Melodic Hard Rock, but it has a real smoothness to it and there are a lot of slick choruses most notable on tracks like ‘The Last To Know’ and ‘All The Time In The World’. Another strong influence that you get shining through is The Beatles and album closer ‘Thank You’ screams their influence. That said tough the sound and style especially on the final three tracks because of the heavier guitar stance makes them more akin to Enuff Znuff than of course the straight pop of the Beatles.

Vincent fans will love this album and enjoy adding it to their collection but there’s also plenty here for fans of solid pop rock influenced melodic hard rock too enjoy. Now the album artwork features a woman wielding a big sword and a dragon breathing fire, do you really need any other reason than that to buy this album? Do you?

Track Listing: Look At Me / The Last To Know / All The Time In The World / What A Fool I’ve Been / Reflections (Walk Away) / Lake Of Tears / Destination Unknown / Right By My Side / Thank You

Woody’s Essential Track: Reflections (Walk Away)