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The Answer – ‘Rise’ 10th anniversary edition

posted 3 Jul 2016, 11:00 by Paul Woodward

(Tap Music)

Review by Woody

Northern Ireland’s The Answer made big waves back in 2006 with the release of their Rise album – which to celebrate its ten-year anniversary has been remastered and re-issued. It’s a genuine classic of the modern retro classic rock revival and deserves all the praise that surrounds it. The classic rock genre has become bloated, bland and overpopulated with mediocrity in recent years, but even ten years on The Answer’s Rise showcases what a cracking album it was but it even now stands tall amongst many of today’s releases. After a solitary spin, it is easy to hear why they were at the forefront of the movement a decade ago and why they are still an exciting and vital act within the genre. Wearing their love of Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes firmly on their sleeves ‘Rise’ is full of groove laden guitar licks and gritty soulful vocals. One of the things that makes this album stand out is just how commercial it is, not a word you associate with Classic Rock, but here that mass appeal helps make the band stand out amongst other similar acts. Full of energy and extremely memorable hooks songs like ‘Sometimes Your Love’, ‘Come Follow Me’ and ‘Be What You Want’ are bona fide modern day genre classics.

This re-issue comes with a bonus disc of ‘goodies’ now I’m usually very sceptical about bonus discs and I tend to see them as cash-in’s as offcuts, demo’s and remixes tend to fail to excite me. If you don’t already own the album it does indeed make it value for money, although the sheer awesomeness of the actual ‘Rise’ album more than makes it value for money regardless. This disc is mainly for the established fans who will find enough here to enjoy and complete their collection with to warrant repurchasing the album. Whilst I’m underwhelmed I do have to admit I prefer the original demo version of ‘Always’.

Rise is one of the best albums released in the retro classic rock revival of recent years and any genre fans who don’t already own this well respected and much loved album now is the prime time for you to get your dirty little mitts on it, you won’t be disappointed – It’s like they stepped straight out of the Seventies’ with a big bag of weed and an arsenal of groove to lay down!

Track Listing: Under The Sky / Never Too Late / Come Follow Me / Be What You Want / Memphis Water / No Questions Asked / Into The Gutter / Sometimes Your Love / Leavin’ Today / Preachin’ / Always

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Sometimes Your Love