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The Amorettes – ‘Haulin Ass’ remastered/reissue

posted 13 Nov 2017, 05:48 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

The steady rise of all girl Scottish hard rock trio The Amorettes has led to their debut indie release ‘Haulin Ass’ been remastered and re-issued. These girls were obviously raised on a healthy diet of early eighties denim and leather rock, AC/DC, Saxon, Priest and so on. As they play no frills rambunctious rock and roll, it’s all brash guitar riffs, alcohol fuelled attitude biker rock. Their songs are full of energy and are sure to get their live audiences nice and sweaty with their foot stomping, hair swirling unapologetic rock n roll!

The choruses tend to be simplistic and direct, often accompanied by chant style backing vocals which accentuate their impact, the type of choruses to get hands raised and punching in time. It contains some stunningly impressive guitar work, it’s not all just bold broad stroke guitar riffs, although these do boost the energy of the songs, there is also some catchy guitar licks and soaring fret work solo’s!

I’m sure fans of this style of rock will enjoy ‘Haulin Ass’ immensely especially if they can avoid spilling beer down their excessively band patched denim jackets. It’s just fun rambunctious party rock. These songs aren’t thought provoking or in any way deep and meaningful – these songs are just about cracking the beers open, cranking the volume right up and getting your rock on! Considering this was The Amorettes debut album it is really impressive and it’s no surprise they subsequently went on to critical acclaim and touring all over the country, headline and as support, to rave reviews!

‘Haulin Ass’ is not an album full of sing along choruses – it is all about rock and roll energy and I’m sure these songs kill live. It’s hard to pick highlights as it’s a pretty solid album but it genuinely doesn’t have stand out tracks – a single or radio friendly song. This album is best enjoyed as a whole and the songs flow together with a very good momentum.

There’s no real point to buying this album if you own the original in my opinion, unless you’re a super fan and want that remastered quality and the two demo tracks. Stylistically these songs aren’t about crisp slick production, their raw and edgy – so I don’t see how a remastered version would be dramatically improve on the original release. If you don’t own this album, whether you’ve discovered the band since or not, I highly recommend checking ‘Haulin Ass’ out.

Track Listing: Take Cover / Boxticker / Whoot Woo / Hot and Heavy / Bedrock / Pop Goes The Weasel / Talk Nerdy To Me / She Devil / Too Much Is Never Enough / Son Of A Gun / The Monday Song / Booby Traps

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Talk Nerdy To Me