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The Almighty - 'Blood, Fire and Love' + 'Sould Destruction' re-issues

posted 12 May 2015, 14:27 by Paul Woodward

(Spinefarm Records)

Review by Woody

So Spinefarm Records have reissued Brit rock heroes The Almighty’s debut album ‘Blood Fire & Love’ and it’s follow up ‘Soul Destruction’ and given them the deluxe edition treatment. To be fair these albums are essential purchases alone especially if you love attitude spitting hard hitting raw rock n roll! Even if you already have the albums getting a brand spanking new shiny CD version should be a no brainier, forget the extra’s, the awesomeness of the original albums should be enough for you to part with your cash again and if you’re yet to discover these Brit rock classic’s, you’re in for a delightful treat, get your biker jacket ready you’re going to need it. But as with all things Almighty they are best listened to at maximum volume whilst getting nicely inebriated enough to shout along and not give a poop to who’s listening! The Almighty can’t be done quietly or politely, they give it to you loud, mean and they don’t give a damn!

These deluxe versions are above and beyond value for money based on the merits of the original album themselves. ‘Blood Fire & Love’ does come with the much loved ‘Blood Fire & Live’ album which was released at the time because of the demand given by the band’s rise to fame through the live circuit where they established themselves as an unmissable live act. The bonus disc’s are only really for those who need to own everything by The Almighty, they mainly feature alternate or live versions of the songs from the main albums. There is however six b-side originals which for those who don’t have the single’s will be of the most interest here. Although I have to admit as intriguing as these tracks are its obvious why these track were relegated to B-side status, still worth a listen to though.

From the ‘Blood Fire & Love’ bonus disc ‘Thunderbird’ has a typical Almighty anthemic style to it, ‘Love Me To Death’ is ok but for easily forgotten and ‘Good God Almighty’ is an unusual number with a bit of a swing vibe to it although essentially a bar room blues acoustic number. On the ‘Soul Destruction’ bonus disc ‘Bodies’ is a really tribute to the bands love of British punk, lead vocalist Ricky Warwick always wore his love of punk like a badge of honour and is a huge Stiff Little Fingers fan and this song feels like their tribute to the genre. ‘Bad Temptation’ actually starts like ‘Wrench’ from the band’s ‘Crank’ album and even features a similar riff and ‘Wild Road To Satisfaction’ is a driven rocker with a pretty cool chorus. The bonus discs don’t really have a wow factor, but these Re-issues’s should be high on people’s to buy lists regardless.

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Destroyed (Blood, Fire & Love)

Devil’s Toy (Soul Destruction)