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Tesla - Alive In Europe!

posted 25 Jul 2011, 07:33 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 07:35 ]

(Frontiers Records)

Review by Woody

Live albums are notoriously hit and miss, and personally speaking I tend to avoid them like the plague. To me it’s never going to be as good as been there in the flesh! In general I don’t really listen to live recordings but there are a couple of live albums I do like for example, Magnum’s “Stronghold” & Thunder “Live”. I think live albums tend to be for die hard fans of the band doing the album mostly.

This album is actually taken from several shows during the bands summer European tour in 2009, which included an appearance at the Download Festival here in the Midlands. I was lucky enough to see Tesla perform at a packed JB’s in Dudley in the summer of 08, so I know first hand what a first rate live outfit this band are!

This is album is out on the Frontiers Records label the same label who put out their last studio album “Forever More”. The fact that all the songs are not all from one show sort of defeats the point of a live album for me. Although it does allow for there to be a better quality product, when you’re taking the best possible versions from a selection of shows.

The band do manage to cover songs from most of their back catalogue but also include quite a few new songs as well as the hits which should keep most hardcore fans happy, but surprisingly no “Edison’s Medicine”. Getting the live treatment are two songs from their ‘86 debut album Mechanical Resonance - “Modern Day Cowboy” & “Lil’ Suzie”. We get four from ‘89 album The Great Radio Controversy - “Heaven’s Trail”, “Love Song”, “The Way It Is” & “Hang Tough”. One from ‘91 album Psychotic Supper “What You Give” & one from ‘94 album Bust a Nut “Shine Away”. Fast forward to 2004 and from that year’s album Into The Now we get the title track & “What A Shame”, the band also do their cover of Five Man Electrical band’s “Signs”. Surprisingly they perform four new songs from their latest album including title track “Forever More”, “I Wanna Live”, “Breakin Free” & “So What!”.

The sound quality of the album is very good and most the songs come across really well especially “I Wanna Live” which is a perfect song for the live arena as well as “Modern Day Cowboy”, “Love Song” & “Signs”. I think a live album needs a lot of crowd noise and band interaction to make it more authentic and the album does provide enough of both to make this more than just a collection of hits.

Whilst it is a good album I do think this is one for Tesla die hards and live album enthusiasts only. It does show that the band can perform well live and I can’t recommend enough going and seeing these guys live, and whilst this album is only a poor substitute in comparison it may keep you entertained until you get that opportunity again!

Track Listing:

Forever More / I Wanna Live / Modern Day Cowboy / Heaven’s Trail / What A Shame / Shine Away / Love Song / What You Give / The Way It Is / Breakin’ Free / Hang Tough / So What! / Signs / Lil’ Suzie / Into The Now

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Woody’s Essential Track:

Modern Day Cowboy

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