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Switchblade - 'Heavy Weapons'

posted 3 Jun 2014, 12:54 by Paul Woodward

(Killer Metal)

Review by Woody

If you picked up this album by Israeli classic metal act Switchblade you’d be easily forgiven for thinking this was originally released in 1985. From the artwork to the vinyl friendly amount of tracks right through every musical note you hear everything screams traditional ‘80’s style metal – but believe it or not this album was actually written and recorded in the past year. Now the obvious retro tinge to Heavy Weapons will divide opinion as those who look for a sound pushing boundaries will be bitterly disappointed but those searching for traditional metal done like they did back in the day will be far more interested and excited by it. The sound and style of Heavy Weapons was purposefully written to echo the band members obvious love of traditional eighties metal and it’s clear they wanted to write and record an album which would have come from that era.

I have always been partial to eighties style classic metal as it tends to be highly melodic albeit it with loud guitars and neck breaking rhythms so I can appreciate what Switchblade are doing here and it is very much an ode to classic metal and the bands that inspired them. It’s a decent album overall, it’s never going to win any awards and they openly state they aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel they just want to create music in a style they personally enjoy.  It’s has all those epic, grandiose and overblown elements that you expect from this style of music.

The Iron Maiden touches are most noticeable in vocalist Lior ‘Steinmetal’ Stein vocal delivery which constantly reminds you of Bruce Dickinson and he does deliver a quality performance. You also have those long melodious neck breaking guitar riffs that you associate with acts like Maiden delivered with gusto from Federico ‘FedeRock’ Taich who does frequently nod his head in appreciation to Maiden style riffs. It’s not an album of straight imitation and they do strive to have their own identity but you do find yourself picking up on their influences and having a good guess at what records they own!

Switchblade may be a band that got lost in time and aren’t ashamed to wear their classic metal heart on their denim jacket sleeve but if you’re a fan of eighties metal I’m sure Heavy Weapons will have you reaching for you volume control. It’s probably best you have a neck brace at hand too, you’ll need it!

Track Listing: Heavy Weapons / Euphoria / Metalista / Lost Lovers Unite / The Lost Kingdom / Infernal Paradise / Curse Of the Father, Sins Of The Son / Into The Unknown / Endless War

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Lost Lovers Unite