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Supernova Plasmajets – ‘S/T’

posted 12 Jan 2017, 13:13 by Paul Woodward

(AOR Heaven)

Review By Woody

Supernova Plasmajets are a new young and explosive metal outfit with strong eighties rock influences. You take one look at the band and you can tell they have a love for the flamboyant eighties rock style but the music they create is not retro or atypical of that era. They have a strong modern metal sound which is excessively melodic and whilst you hear a lot eighties influences coming through it’s not overpowering. I see them as a natural progression of the melodic rock genre, their sound been more current, but holding close to the heart of traditional sounding melodic rock.

I feel excited and energised when listening to this album and while it has obvious influences it does manage to have a fresh feel to it. With songs like this I fully expect this band to be very energetic and explosively entertaining performers live. The guitar sound does have some touches reminiscent of the eighties era styles and many of the licks and solos hark back to the days of the guitar virtuoso. Musically I find the songs to be very emotion driven in their delivery and that is something that really appeals to me.

Lead vocalist Jennifer Crush made a fan of me very quickly with her emotive, urgent and frequently moving vocals. She conveys a lot of emotion in her voice which is highlighted frequently but the chorus on ‘Leave Forever’, ‘Will I Ever Know’ and the ballad ‘Hold You Close’ are great examples of what an effective vocalist she is. There is a fragility to her delivery which increases the emotional impact of many of the songs. Whilst there is a lot of emotion and meaning behind the songs it’s also an explosive and energetic album with punchy choruses and an urgent rock out vibe to it.

The album opens with the infectious ‘Leave Forever’ which is a stand out track and obvious radio hit single in the waiting. The rest of the album never really reaches the heights set out by this explosive opening salvo but it is still really strong and impressive throughout. The swaggering metal of ‘Faster’, the dance rock mash up of ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now’ and the driven energy of the bouncy ‘Supernova Team’ are just some of the highlights.

For me the band are at their best when delivering something really emotive like the ballad ‘Hold You Close’ which is beautiful and ‘Will I Ever Know’ which features a powerful vocal performance from Jennifer Crush and a tasty punchy chorus.

Supernova Plasmajets are genuinely exciting and fresh sounding with unforgettable songs and full force headbanging energy. This album packs one hell of a melodic punch to the senses with songs as colourful as their appearance and imagery! The songs have keen pop sensibilities and a potent commercial edge but they never deviate to far away from the power and crunch of their metal heart!

Track Listing: Leave Forever / Supernova Team / Hold You Close / Turn Off The Lights / Will I Ever Know / Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now / Hangin’ On My Lips / Faster / Fallin’ Backwards / Feel Your Fear / Turn Around

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Leave Forever