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Stud - 'Rust On The Rose'

posted 31 Dec 2014, 15:13 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

The foundations of this Finnish outfit were laid in 1986 but Rust On The Rose is only Stud’s second album following hot on the heels of their debut Out Of The Darkness which was released last year. I seem to have an affinity towards bands from Finland, the musicians from that country regardless of sound and style have strong senses of melody and even their heavier bands ooze smooth melodies and Stud’s brand of heavy rock fits right into those assessments.

Rust on The Rose is full of rambunctious monumental guitar riff driven heavy rock with strong melodic overtones. There is plenty of anthemic air punching choruses combined with powerful guitar riffs to get your head nodding. Listening through the album I keep feeling like I should class this album as biker rock given it’s song structures, chorus styles and attitude but it is a hell of a lot smoother and polished than you’d expect from the average petrol soaked biker band. Imagine those sort of bands cleaned up and you’ll get the vibe these guys have. In fact these guys sound like what AC/DC and UFO would do if they were transformed into an out and out ballsy straight ahead melodic rock outfit.

You do have quite a few bar room shout it loud rockers like ‘Raise Your Fist’, ‘Rock N Roll World’ and ‘We’re Gonna Strike’ but there is also a few more obvious melodic rock numbers mixed into the bombast. The title track ‘Rust on the Rose’ is really catchy with its highly melodic guitar riff and a smooth memorable chorus but for me one of the stand out tracks is ‘Promised to be Mine’ which has a sweet infectious chorus.

They do have a unique vibe about them when I try to compare them to other similar acts. I think normally heavy rock acts like this tend to have vocalist who has grit or snarl to their voice. Stud vocalist Ari Toivanen however has a far silkier and smoother voice and this increases the melodic tone of the album even on those gritty fist pumping chorus structures. The guy has a powerful voice that suits the heavy stance of the album but it’s full of melody at the same time.

This album on the whole is pretty strong, there is a couple of tunes that just pass you by but in the main Rust On The Rose is a strong collection of songs. It’s powerful heavy rock with a bombastic rock drive, fist pumping choruses and a delicious melodic wrapping. If you like it with a heavier edge but without neglecting melody this is well worth you checking out!

Track Listing: Raise Your Fist / Rock N Roll World / Rust on The Rose / We’re Gonna Strike / Poor Man’s Buddy / Promised To Be Mine / Freedom Call / Break The Chains / I Don’t Know / Dangerous / Playing To Win

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Promised To Be Mine