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Stone Kings – ‘From Creation to Devastation'

posted 19 Jul 2016, 07:55 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 20 Jul 2016, 13:18 ]


Review By Woody

The Stone Kings used a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release of From Creation To Devastation – most specifically for the pressing of the CD’s and their goal was achieved within twenty-four hours so that proves these guys have built up a loyal fan base since their inception in 2010. Their moniker is also well chosen as they are stoner rock to the core and genre fans who haven’t heard the Kings yet are really missing out as these guys do this style of rock damn well.

They are quite heavy but with that laid back feel you associate with stoner bands and they manage to keep the songs quite varied in structure and tempo which helps maintain the listeners’ interest in the album as a whole. Stoner rock isn’t very commercial and the Kings aren’t deviating from the stoner path in that case but the songs on From Creation To Devastation will definitely have a massive impact in the live arena, which is where I suspect the band themselves are in their element the most.

It’s all bass heavy groove rock with thick guitar riffs that’ll get your head nodding rhythmically. Vocalist Gregg Stageman’s voice has a deep bass rumble which adds to the stoner atmospheric edge to their music, it may sound like he’s just woken up and can’t be arsed but it has a booming impact which sits nicely into the groove laden rock riffs. I hear a lot of seventies rock influences in the mix but obviously with a heavier ballsier attitude and the trippy elements that pop up help accentuate the stoner vibe.

The album is full of groove and a heavy pounding backbeat which gives the music some real rocking energy which belies the laid back nature of the vocals and the overall atmospherics of the songs. But it’s these rhythms from the drums and bass that will power the band live and the backing also adds tremendously to the bands overall sound with some groove inciting bass and driven drumming. The album as a whole exhibits some quality musicianship but I have to admit the rhythm section were in particular impressive in their contributions, which for this style of bass and rhythm heavy rock is really important and this of course helps push the band to the forefront of the genre.

The ballad ‘Time Out’ is without a doubt a highlight of the album as the band strip it down and chill on a lighter number. The intricate guitar work really impressed me and more importantly hooked me into the song.

After a few spins it became apparent to me that From Creation To Devastation has to be an essential listen for genre fans, because as far as stoner rock is concerned these guys have produced an album full of top quality songs which ticks all the boxes of fans of this brand of hard rock and then some. I’m positive stoner fans will get the serious munchies for this album.

Track Listing: Creation / Far Out / Headshot / Outcast / Krokodil / Time Out / Full Throttle / Enemies / Lovelace / Captive Audience / In My Place / Devastation

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Full Throttle