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Stillman - 'We Are The Trouble'

posted 15 Mar 2014, 15:26 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 16 Mar 2014, 13:41 ]

Review by Woody

Although guitarist Stillman has been around for quite a while this EP We Are The Trouble is my first taste of the man’s creations. It’s modern classic rock which wears its influences on its sleeve. To say I was mightily impressed would be a bit of an understatement – I’m actually quite surprised the guy is not better known. I’m not normally one for Guitarist’s who do a lot of widdling but Stillman has a way of making his solo’s truly entertaining and enjoyable. He has a way of constructing them that enhances a song without been self indulgent and ultimately boring. There is an air of the blues to these songs but I sense a distinct southern rock flavour as well which I really enjoyed.

I was really intrigued by his choice of subject matter for the lyrics as it adds another nice element to his songs that helps elevate them into your consciousness. Obviously as a guitarist he’s throwing everything in there and multi layering his solo’s and riffs and compounding as many hooks as he can into every second and it has an instantly enjoyable impact. I’m sure fans of guitar driven rock will be blown away by this guy’s superb fret board skill.

I found ‘We Are The Trouble’ addictive listening with some cool infectious guitar work. ‘Checking In’ has a blues tinge to its laid back classic rock swagger and ‘Rome Burns’ has a great southern rock flavour that gives it a bit of boogie to its swagger.

We Are The Trouble is classic rock done with a fresh modern edge whilst never losing the raw earthiness that is essential to the classic rock sound. He’s definitely won a new fan in me and if you like your classic rock I’m sure he’ll win you over too!

Track Listing: We Are The Trouble / Checking In / Rome Burns

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: We Are The Trouble
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