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State Of Rock - A Point Of Destiny

posted 25 Jul 2011, 06:01 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 11:34 ]
(Metal Heaven)
State of Rock are a new band formed around the nucleus of ex-Frontline members Robby Boebel (Guitars) , Hutch Bauer (Bass), Rami Ali (Drums) joined with prolific and respected English singer Tony Mills (Shy/TNT). Since the recording of the album, Joe Basketts from Shy has been added on Keyboards and extra guitarist Schimmi from Evidence One as permanent members of the band. Incidentally the name of the band is actually the title of Frontline’s debut album from way back in 94; yeah I know I’m full of useless info!

The song writing between Boebel & Mills works extremely well, and does echo of their previous work with Frontline & Shy, and to a certain degree Boebel’s work with Evidence One. Although this album has a far heavier stance than what Frontline did. The album is full of energy and bounce with an upfront huge drum sound and pulsating bass sound. On first play the first thing I thought was, damn these songs are going to be awesome LIVE.

There’s some big in your face riffs coupled with Tony’s trademark vocals, which will get you banging away! Although it’s some of the more subtle guitar work imbedded in the music that really hooked me, there’s some really killer guitar licks amongst these songs. I think this album sounds better and better with every play, you hear things that you didn’t notice first time round and your favourite songs will change just as quickly as you discovered them. If the album doesn’t hit you instantly it’s definitely worth giving a few spins... believe me it’s worth it!

The album opens with the hard rocking’ “Black & Blue” which has a driving riff and some great use of subtle keyboard’s and I really like Tony’s lyrics on this one. “Without My Love” has some really great guitar work in it & a great solo, the song didn’t hit me on first spin but after a couple of spin’s this became a firm favourite of mine. It has a chorus which creeps on you and after a couple of spin’s it’ll be singing itself to you from the back of your mind at probably the most inappropriate time!

Obvious choice for lead single is “Heartless Dreamer” it’s the most instant song on the album. It has an infectious riff and memorable melodies and chorus. They use harmonies to full effect on this one and this song show of Tony’s vocal skills quite nicely! “Don’t Make Me cry” is the solitary ballad on the album, which has a very melancholic vibe with a cool keyboard intro and a memorable melodic verse leading to a thumping chorus. There’s a really great guitar lick in this, which is probably my favourite part of the song, puts me in mind of some Whitesnake stuff.

“Hanging in the Balance” is another big roaring rocker with a big riff & “Freedom” has a really atmospheric key’s intro before kicking in; this song also has some great subtle guitar licks which stand out as well. “Count Me Out” I’m sure will become a live favourite, it’s a big rocker full of swagger with and catchy and insistent chorus. The huge drum sound and booming bass on “A Point of Destiny” are sure to make it a firm live favourite too, getting everyone banging those heads.

The album finishes with a flourish with “Friction” which has a great riff and some really hook filled guitar licks in the verses before hitting you with a really instant chorus. Although it’s the last song on the album “Somewhere” is probably the most commercial song on the album and is the song most reminiscent of Mill’s and Boebel’s earlier work with Shy and Frontline. Dare I use the term stadium rock in reference to this one? It’s probably the lightest song on the album but not lightweight by any means!

A solid hard rockin’ album, which should appeal to fans of Frontline and Shy albeit with a harder edge. If you like you’re Melodic Rock with a bit of punch and power you should definitely check this out. Any album of many parts I felt, perhaps not as instant as some may like, but this is a real grower and will definitely show its strength in the live arena!

Track Listing: - Black & Blue / Without My Love / Heartless Dreamer / Don’t Make Me Cry / Hanging In the Balance / Freedom / Count Me Out / A Point Of Destiny / Friction / Somewhere

Album Rating: - 4/5

Woody’s Essential Track: - Heartless Dreamer

A Point Of Destiny is OUT NOW and available for download below and