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Star Dancer – ‘Welcome To My World’

posted 3 Jul 2016, 11:09 by Paul Woodward

(Star Dancer Records)

Review By Woody

Welcome To My World from Robert Star’s Star Dancer is quite possibly one of the most oddball albums I have ever listened to but so addictive at the same time. This often quirky and offbeat collection of songs is so commercial at times it’s hard not to love this very American pop rock opus. There are elements of Eighties hard rock in the mix, especially in the guitar riffs, a soupcon of classic rock at times and a definite cheeky nod towards The Cult so you can definitely hear some of Star’s base influences. This album though isn’t a throwback to those times though, to me it has a strong Nineties American pop rock vibe emulating a sound made popular by some of the alternative pop rockers and college rock acts of that time like the Gin Blossoms and a little later by the likes of Butch Walker (and everyone he worked with).

The band’s genius lies in its highly commercial song writing which keeps you compelled regardless of the often bizarre nature of many the songs. It’s extremely upbeat with a summer time flavour and a couple of songs that leave an indelible mark on you. For example, songs like ‘She’s In Love With Joan Jett’ and ‘Sexpectations’ are instant radio gold and would have fans of the Fountains of Wayne’s ‘Stacy’s Mom’ in fits of joy.

Balancing out some of the more unsurprisingly trippy tracks like ‘The Weed Don’t Lie’ is the emotional power pop ballad ‘Annie’ which really clicked with me and I enjoyed the additional female vocal which actually gave the lyrics of the song a deeper resonance. The only song that really threw me is their odd cover of EMF’s ‘Unbelievable’ which just didn’t flow for me and they cut the swearing out, yes exactly they cut the hook out the song! It just lacks the energy and the rebellious nature of the original. You can overlook this blip though when The Cult inspired pop rocker ‘Earth Mother Dancer’ and the unrelenting and bizarre ‘Intravenus Fly Trap’ get stuck rattling around in your head!

Definitely an album for fans of modern American alternative pop rock with a throwback to the late nineties era. Don’t let the initial offbeat and weird vibe put you off, if you like American Hi-Fi and Butch Walker you’ll quickly get into the weirdo groove.

Track Listing: Welcome To My World / Earth Mother Dancer / Sexpectations / She’s In Love With Joan Jett / This Weed Don’t Lie / High and the Mighty / Annie / Unbelievable / Intravenus Fly Trap / Before I Die

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: She’s In Love With Joan Jett