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Somewhat Scary - Somewhat Scary

posted 5 Aug 2013, 13:17 by Paul Woodward

Review by Woody

Somewhat Scary is Scottish duo vocalist Jimbo Mckee and Multi-instrumentalist Jamesie Blair. They recorded and produced the album themselves at their home studio. The long time friends have spent a lot of time creating this album and the name of the band originates from a band they were both in back in the day Mr. Scary.

They create a dark tinged melodic hard rock sound, but unfortunately the album failed to get my juices flowing. There are a few elements that I like on some of the songs and it’s far from a poor album but I never find myself wanting to play any songs repeatedly. You can tell in the compositions that a lot of work has gone into them and the lyric’s, but without more hooks and a lack of standout songs it’s hard to rate the album anything more than average. Some songs build nicely but come the chorus it lacks the punch you think you’re about to receive and my interest dwindles quickly.

I think the production on the album could also put off the casual listener without even giving the songs a chance. I think for an independent home recorded album it’s not too bad and I’ve heard worse on big budget releases, but the fact remains the casual listener just doesn’t care and expects premium production on everything they listen to.

The album is a good balance of laid back ballads and chunky riffed driven rockers. The songs worth checking out in my opinion are the rockers ‘Take The Fight To Them’, ‘Your Losing Your Mind’ and ‘Shiver’. Somewhat Scary do show a different side to themselves on the ballads, a lot more laid back and stripped down than I would have expected on such a dark album. So the ballads to check out are the touching ‘You Can’t Hide From Love’ and ‘Princess and Angel’.

As a supporter of independent and smaller melodic rock acts I don’t want to be overly harsh, but I do have to give an honest appraisal of the album. That opinion is totally mine and it’s all a matter of our own tastes, this album is a little too dark for me and lacks a lot of the hooks that I’m used to in more straight forward melodic rock. My advice would be to take on board that this is the opinion of one man and if you like heavier dark edged melodic rock akin to Dokken get yourselves over to the Somewhat Scary Facebook page, check out the songs and make your own mind up!

Track Listing: White Queen / Take The Fight To Them / My Day / It’s Good When You’re Bad / You Can’t Hide From Love / Travelling Home / Until /  Passionate Games / You’re Losing Your Mind / Rings Around The Sun / Shiver / Cleanse My Soul / Princess and Angel / Heroes of The Pass / Senorita

Album Rating: 5/10

Woody’s Essential Track: You Can’t Hide From Love