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Soley Mourning - 'The Rocket Pool'

posted 6 Jul 2015, 10:19 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

Black Country classic rockers Soley Mourning are fast becoming one of my favourite bands, I’m a little late to the party as their new album ‘The Rocket Pool’ is actually their fourth album, they’ve toured with Magnum (how did I miss that!) and the ultra professional production and recording was supplied by the ever reliable team at Wolverhampton’s Mad Hat studio’s. How these guys are not better known is a complete and utter mystery to me!

‘The Rocket Pool’ is a powerfully impressive album of swaggering classic rock with an energetic groove and large dollops of smooth melodies. Soley Mourning are far from yet another classic rock band, their heavy use of melody veers them away from the grit and grime of their contemporaries giving them a unique and commercial edge. Vocalist Mat Partridge still has that blues tone to his voice but he’s not afraid to diversify his style to suit a more melodic vibe and the guitar riffs and licks provided by Andy Guest and Tone Chambers are far more technical and melodic than you’d expect from your average classic rock band.

The level of musicianship throughout the band is of an extremely high calibre and these guys really deserve a higher profile as they put many so called professional bands to shame. Not only do these guys sound and perform like the real deal they can also write a tune that sticks in your mind and makes a big impression. Not only can these guys write a guitar hook and a vocal melody that gets under your skin they can also write a decent lyric.

First off I have to give them a massive high five for using the word ‘kecks’ in ‘Shark Eye’s’ much to my amusement, but when you listen to the thought provoking lyric’s of ‘The Unmaking Of  A Rational Mind’ you realise these guys aren’t just pretty faces. The likes of ‘Accidental Enemies’ connects with me not just on a lyrical level but also in it’s easy and infectious swagger that makes it such an enjoyable song and the heartfelt ballad ‘So Long Song’ highlights the softer side to the band.

It’s a crying shame Soley Mourning aren’t already dusting it up with the big boys championed by the likes of Classic Rock magazine, but I’m sure these Black Country boys will be showing them how it’s done in the very near future. If swaggering rock and roll with a strong melodic sensibility rocks your world then prepare yourself to be mightily impressed with ‘The Rocket Pool’ I’m still incredulous it’s taken me this long to discover such an awesome band who are literally from my back yard.

Track Listing: Last Of These Nine Lives / Accidental Enemies / Turn Yourself Around / Shark Eyes / Gumstream / The Rocket Pool / The Unmaking  Of A Rational Mind / Seed Of Doubt / Only Embers / So Long Song

Album Rating: 8/10