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Snew - We Do What We Want

posted 25 Jul 2011, 08:16 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 11:11 ]
(Maman Music)

Snew are a 70’s rock influenced band from California, USA and this is their second album “We Do What We Want”. Produced by Bobby Owsinski & mixed by Grammy award winner Ed Cherney who’s worked with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan & Eric Clapton.

The band plainly shows their influences in their music, I can hear plenty of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and a pinch of Twisted Sister in some of the choruses. Whilst I’m not trying to put the band down by saying they are nothing new and many could just consider them AC/DC clones, they really do not stand out and really need something in their music to make them stand out in the crowd to progress their musical careers. Personally though the strained lead vocals made the album virtually un-listenable, I know the vocal style is prevalent in many bands and styles of rock I like but I can’t listen to this album without getting a steaming headache.

The album on all level’s fails to grab my attention, one of my problems is many of the songs are very similar in the sound and structure; some songs even blend into one another to my ears. Perhaps the album is a little too dirty rock n roll for me as I tend to like more polished music.

Not much to say about the songs on offer “Pick Up the Ball” probably has the best chorus, but the only track that came close to impressing me was “Get Loud”. It has a Led Zeppelin inspired guitar riff, but the vocals really let the song down and a stronger vocalist could have made the song a real hit, shame as there is some decent guitar work on here.

If you like 70’s inspired rock bands or AC/DC, Airbourne and Led Zeppelin this may be worth checking out, but personally the album did very little for me.

Track Listing:
We Do What We Want / Feedback and Distortion / Private Stash / Risking My Life / Get Loud / Knock It Out Of The Park / Power Pack / Pick Up The Ball / Who The Hell Are You / Shinebox
Album Rating:
Woodys Essential Track:
Get Loud

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