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Skin & Bone - 'Revenge'

posted 7 Sep 2015, 09:50 by Paul Woodward

(Hot Box Music)

Review by Woody

Revenge is the debut album from British hard rockers Skin & Bone and this one has been a long time coming. I’ve been following these guys for some time and watching and listening to their progress but it has felt like this album has taken a lifetime to come out! These guys have taken their time getting this recorded and produced to the standard they wanted and producer Jay Parmar has done a great job proving even with limited budgets a quality production can be achieved. I wasn’t shocked to learn that their follow up album is already mostly written and just needs recording and releasing – I wonder how long they’ll make us wait for that!

When I saw the band live a few years ago I would have described them as a bare bones classic rock outfit, the album though is a little bit different to what I was expecting. It has turned out to be far heavier, darker and with the modern touches far more prominent in the overall sound of the album. ‘Revenge’ is quite an apt album title as the album is very dark, forceful and at times aggressive. The overall feel of the album really makes me think the album will appeal to those who love the current American modern rock scene along the lines of Shinedown. That’s not to say this album is a one trick pony, the styles and influences are quite varied although the dark nature of the album sometimes overshadows them, there are classic rock grooves, a few melodic harmonies and even some NWOBHM.

Vocalist Johnny Trowbridge’s style helps make the songs stand out for me, occasionally melodic but given the more forceful nature of this album strong and punchy when a chorus needs to smack you in the face and his style is able to deliver that without going into the growling  style that is so prominent in today’s rock and metal bands.  Guitarist Richie Beardsley’s contributions are extremely varied given the melting pot of styles on display which allows him to flex his guitar skills to the max and interestingly even swooping in with some Van Halen inspired guitar riffage at times, check out ‘Like A River’ for a prime example of this.

One of the real stand out tracks for me is ‘The Healer’ as this really highlights what the band are trying to achieve all in one song, the mix of styles, darkness, aggression and above all else a memorable song that sticks in your head. ‘Revenge’ on the whole is a very strong album and if you’re looking for some powerful, driven hard rock then this is an album well worth your time checking out.

Track Listing: Let It Rain / The Healer / Revenge Mile / Lost Souls / High Society / Like A River / Burn The Blue Sky / Walking Shoes / Mary / The Exceptional Child

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: The Healer