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Silent Call - Greed

posted 25 Jul 2011, 07:17 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 07:25 ]

(Escape Music)

Silent Call are a melodic progressive metal band from Sweden centred around chief songwriters and driving forces of the band Daniel Ekholm (Guitars) & Patrick Tornblom (Keyboards). Completing the line-up is Tobbe Moen (Bass), Mikael Kvist (Drums) & Andi Kravlijaca on vocals. This album shows the ever increasing diversity in musical output on the Escape music label, who will always be (hopefully) a mainly Melodic Rock / AOR label but they are putting out more varied styles of rock to draw interest from fans outside of the normal circles and of course increase the longevity of the label - all as long as it has a highly melodic edge to it.

This is the bands follow up to debut 2008 album “Creations from a chosen path” which was also released through the Escape label. The album is produced by Escape music regular Martin Kronlund, whom I’m a big fan of, he always seems to do a fantastic production job regardless of musical style. The band also gather a few special appearances by respected vocalist Goran Edman & drummer Daniel Flores.

I have to say I approached this one warily as this style of music is very much hit and miss with me. The album really did very little for me, it failed to hook me and nothing seemed to jump out at me and demand my attention. It could be a personal taste thing as this is off the usual beaten musical track for me. I do hear the talent within in the band, but this collection of songs just doesn’t do the talent within justice. I really liked Andi Kravljaca’s vocal style and I think he is a strong vocalist, I also took to Patrick Tornblom’s prog / pomp fuelled keyboard style. There are a few songs on here with some great lyrics, but in most cases they lack power with the lack of memorable melodies to bring them to the fore for my taste.

“Every Day” opens very promisingly, a great instrumental intro with some great guitar work accompanied by some sweeping prog keyboards, actually very atmospheric and memorable, but after that initial minute or so it all changes dramatically as the thunderous rhythm section kick in with a heavy insistent guitar riff. Then the song just lost my interest and i found very little else in the remainder of the song to interest me. Given the opening it would have been interesting to see how the song would have turned out had it kept to that sweeping atmospheric vibe.

The ballad’s “Through The Endless Night” & “When The Angel’s Call your Name” both contain some powerful lyrics and probably stand out amongst most of what’s on offer, but the melodies aren’t strong enough to make the songs true hits. “Unbreakable” has a kick ass opening salvo of thunderously epic keyboards, with a powerful rhythm section backing it, the key’s are great throughout but the song as a whole does nowt for me, shame really because those keys were pomp fuelled magnificence!

“Turn The Tide” has a nice melodic chorus, but again the song as a whole is hopeless devoid of hooks to retain my attention. “I Am My Nation”, has a decent guitar riff and some memorable key’s and is probably one of the more accessible songs on here even with the spoken prologue! “Dream Tomorrow” Is probably the most instant track, with the best melodic chorus available, a song that opens with a fantastic guitar riff & the structure of the song builds and builds and gives the chorus real impact when it arrives.

Not really an album for me and I found very little on the album to enjoy. Although I would be keen to hear anything these guys may do in a more traditional melodic hard rock vain, as you can hear some of those influences amongst the metallic power shown. If you like your guitars hard and heavy with a thunderous rhythm section, and prog and metal thrown in a big bag and furiously shaken up, this may be worth you giving a few minutes too.

Review by Woody

Track Listing:

Every Day / I Am My Nation / Through The Endless Night / All That Might Be / Dream Tomorrow / Turn The Tide / Unbreakable / Falling From Grace / When The Angels Call Your Name / The Wages Of Greed / Clavain’s Tale

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Woody’s Essential Track:

Dream Tomorrow

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