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Shylock - Rockbuster

posted 25 Jul 2011, 06:32 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 06:36 ]
(Metal Heaven)
German melodic hard rockers Shylock have been around for quite sometime, with their debut emerging in 2000 - now a decade later they deliver their fifth album “Rock Buster”. I have to admit I didn’t really know much about the band prior to their rather excellent last album “Devotion”, so was really looking forward to hearing what the band would serve up this time!

The production on this album is far superior to “Devotion”, which I believe is down to Ondrej Hurbanic the producer for this album. This album is not as instant as its predecessor, in fact after my first spin of the album I felt a little let down. Although after a few more spins the album started to grab me, especially after I played it while I was pre-occupied with something else and caught myself singing along to “Rose of Cairo”! Shylock have managed to deliver a classy melodic hard rock album, full of pounding drums and bass, coupled with some big ass riffs and some killer melodies!  Based on what’s on offer here, I’d love to catch these guys live!

Opening cut “Damn Good” is a fantastic way to start, and has a really bittersweet feel to it. Whilst the lyrics are positive the music and melodies have a very sombre tone, which I’m sure most would think wouldn’t work, but here it does immensely well. There's some really catchy guitar work present as well, especially during the pre-chorus - and that big chorus has a really memorable melody!  The band cover Timex Social Club’s “Rumours” and I don’t know about you but I hadn’t a clue about the original song and had to do some mooching on the ol’ t’internet to discover it, only to wish I hadn’t!  The band actually do a good job on it, obviously they rock it the fook up, but it is undeniably catchy and perhaps the most instant song on the album.

“Sunshine vs. Rain” is the solitary ballad, and it has some great intricate guitar playing on it which really stands out and makes the song more memorable. What the album delivers in huge dollops is songs with big driving riffs, thundering rhythm sections and in-your-face choruses such as with tracks like “Much”, “Strong”, “We Are” & “Just for U” a song that puts me in mind of Shylock’s fellow countrymen The Scorpions!

“Rose of Cairo” has an unbelievable catchy chorus; seriously this one will embed itself in your mind! “Somebody Else” has a catchy-as-hell guitar riff, a punchy sing-a-long chorus and a great energy which would make the song a real dance floor filler! “The Moment” has a catchy chorus, but the guitar work is the reason I love this song, opening with a soaring melodic solo and featuring some great melodic licks.   These three songs are the most reminiscent of Shylock’s previous album “Devotion” and are by far the more immediate of the songs on “Rock Buster”!

If you like your melodic rock with a harder edge, this is definitely worth checking out. It has huge driving riffs, but also offers some cool guitar licks and melodic solos.   It’s full of memorable songs and will without a doubt appeal to all fans of melodic rock.

Track Listing: Damn Good / Dawn / Rumours / Sunshine vs. Rain / Just For U / Much / Rose of Cairo / Strong / Somebody Else / The Moment / We Are / Wrong Planet

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Woody’s Essential Track:
Somebody Else

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