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Shameless - 'Beautiful Disaster'

posted 10 Oct 2013, 15:52 by Paul Woodward
(RSR Music)

Review by Woody

German based glam rockers Shameless return with another album featuring guest vocalist’s Steve Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd), Stevie Rachelle (Tuff). The big shock on this album is the surprise appearance by ex-Runaway’s singer Cherie Currie. Founder member bassist Alexx Michael and long time band mate BC form the backbone of the band on their latest effort Beautiful Disaster.

Style wise you pretty much get what is advertised sleazy rock n roll with snarling attitude spitting vocals. After a few spins and living with the songs though it just doesn’t hit all the right notes with me and some songs are just devoid of hooks whilst others are instantly forgettable. I have to admit the album left me disappointed and Beautiful Disaster failed to have any real impact on me.

There is a couple of real diamonds amongst the dirt here which should tickle sleaze fans fancies, but theirs isn’t enough of these songs to lift Beautiful Disaster out of the realms of mediocrity. The aptly chosen first single ‘Forever Ends Today’ is an instant hot with its smooth sing along chorus and large helpings of vocal harmonies. The rockier ‘You’re Not Cinderella’ highlights the bands strong points and this is a real snarling sleaze classic with a punchy chorus, sleaze fans are going to love this anthem!

A couple of tracks like ‘Greed Is God and ‘Dear Mum’ are ok and actually on first spin made for a promising start but they soon fade from your memory. ‘You’re Not Comin Home’ a piano lead ballad has more impact, a power ballad with a strong eighties flavour – I really enjoy the piano piece on this track. The album contains two covers Alice Cooper’s ‘I’m Eighteen’ and T-Rex’s ‘Life’s A Gas’. I understand the Cooper cover as some of the songs and the singing does have strong Cooper traits, but I never liked the original and I wasn’t impressed by this cover either. ‘Life’s A Gas’ also failed to intrigue me but it does contain a great performance from Cherie Currie and I’d love to hear do some more stuff as her voice really impressed me here, it wasn’t the Runaway’s snarl I was expecting – this lady can sing! Hopefully we will hear more from Cherie in the future!

Beautiful Disaster is full of sleaze, glam, snarl and punk edged attitude, but I fear this one may be for hardcore sleaze fans only.

Track Listing: Greed Is God / Dear Mom / You’re Not Cinderella / Forever Ends Today / Fiction / You’re Not Comin’ Home / Train To Hell / Eighteen / Hold On To Your Dreams / Rock N Roll Girls / Life’s A Gas

Album Rating: 5/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Forever Ends Today