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Scorpions - 'Crazy World' Deluxe Edition

posted 10 Mar 2014, 16:30 by Paul Woodward

Review by Woody

Iconic German rockers the Scorpions 1991 album ‘Crazy World’, will be forever known as the opus that gave the world mega smash hit ‘Winds Of Change’. It was their biggest hit and still remains to this day a classic ballad, but it actually comes from a really decent album and it seems sad that it is often overlooked or dismissed as a one song album. This re-issue is an essential purchase for Scorpions fans who don’t own it already and is also pretty much essential for anyone who was a fan of the slick commercial melodic rock of that era.

This deluxe version features five bonus tracks, two versions of ‘Winds Of Change’ sung in Spanish and Russian, which may only be of minor interest to English speaking fans, but I’m sure will be much sought after by Scorpions completists as will be the three live tracks which were all featured as B sides on singles released from the ‘Crazy World’ album.

The second disc is a DVD and it features all four video singles, which I’m sure will intrigue collectors. None of them are anything spectacular but they make for fun viewing, ‘Tease Me Please Me’ is a very stereotypical video for its time complete with scantily clad hot chick, ‘Winds Of Change’ is basically a collection of news footage which emphasis the lyrics, ‘Don’t Believe Her’ features another popular video style from back in the day is basically a live stadium performance, with lots of fan footage and slow motion, ‘Send Me An Angel’ is an atmospheric video with shots of Monument valley in the US although why I’m not sure as it has nothing to do with the lyrics, but it does add to the atmospherics.

The live show itself shot in 1991 is obviously quality wise very of its time, but it’s a good quality transfer just don’t watch it expecting today’s level of technology. It’s only ten tracks so obviously not the full show but it’s an intriguing track list and not all obvious tunes; it was cool to see one of my favourite Scorp’s tracks in ‘Rhythm of Love’ included. It’s very retro, obviously, and is a big stadium show complete with ramps and the band running all over it, anyone wanting a nostalgia trip will love it and I think the set list makes it fresh viewing!

Back to the album itself, which I personally rate as one of my favourites sees the Scorp’s fully mix their own distinctive style of riff driven rock with the smooth, slick, commercial rock of the era to maximum effect. It’s got lots of chest beating anthems like ‘Tease Me Please Me’ and ‘Hit Between The Eyes’ and the commercial infectious radio gold of ‘Don’t Believe Her’ and ‘Lust or Love’.