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Rusty Nail – ‘Running Out Of Idea’s’

posted 28 Mar 2016, 13:23 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

Sweden’s Rusty Nail have a sound which is very typical of hard edged Scandinavian melodic hard rock acts like Pretty Maids. Running Out Of Idea’s is a guitar driven hard rock album with sweet melodic licks. This album is all about the guitars, whether this album strikes the right chord with you or not is all dependent on the guitars. It’s the riffs that hold all the power and impact of the album, that’s where the strongest hooks are apparent. The songs and vocals are melodic but it’s a sheen on the surface as opposed to the guts of the songs which rely heavily on the guitar hooks to draw you in.

Guitarist Johnny Eklund is the star of this album and he really shine’s with some melodic licks, chunky monster riffs and melodic solo’s interspersed throughout the album. At times quite heavy and borderline metallic, but the album as a whole is hard rock and that is accentuated frequently with the strong blues based riffs, rhythms and swagger that are abundant on various groove driven tracks. Obviously that veers the album more in to hard rock territory as opposed to Metal, but is distinctly heavier than many hard rock acts, the galloping rhythm section on the title track Running Out Of Idea’s immediately had me thinking of eighties metal but that is not indicative of the album’s sound as a whole.

Guitar lovers should go weak at the knees for this album as Eklund delivers some very memorable and exciting guitar riffs alongside melodic and impressive intricate fretboard performances. The songs do have a melodic touch making Rusty Nail’s sound smoother and less aggressive and abrasive than most modern rock music, but this album is far from commercial and may not be for more casual listeners, but as previously stated this is an album that will win fans amongst guitarists and fans of guitar driven music.

Personally the album isn’t commercial enough to make a massive fan of me, a few stronger choruses would have been nice and vocalist Mikael Koivunen has a decent vocal style and with the right song he could shine more and add an extra dimension to their music!

Running Out Of Idea’s is driven Scandi flavoured rock which is perfect for hard rockers who love great grooves, pounding rhythms and a massive but smooth guitar punch. Rusty Nail deliver classy melodic hard rock!

Track Listing: Gates Of Hell / Running Out Of Idea’s / Light The Fuse / Train Of Death / Run From The Dark / Heavy Hangover / Killing Time / The One I Knew / Feeling Alright

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Run From The Dark