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Reece – ‘Noisebox’

posted 26 Oct 2016, 06:38 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

Noisebox is the first EP from South Wales trio Reece. A band very hard to pigeonhole beyond – Hard Rock – as they showcase a lot of different styles and influences in their songs even at only four tracks long this EP is very diverse. There is elements of Funk, Alt Rock, Brit Rock and even some American style Modern rock in the song writing but ultimately it’s very melodic with lots of hooks and some very effective vocal harmonies.

Vocalist and namesake Reece has a really slick and strong vocal which I think helps elevate the band out of the crowd of upcoming and unsigned rock bands out there. I’m not disimissing other elements of the music but I do feel the vocals will grab peoples attention initially and make them willing to give the band a listen.

‘Fear’ has very funky rhythms and a slight Chilli Peppers vibe to it. A real head bopper that gets you hooked even though I feel it’s the weakest track of the four!

‘I Won’t Let This Go To Waste’ is a really haunting track and I really like the melancholic guitar lick which helps make it a very powerful song – This one has a strong Brit rock touch to it.

‘Noisebox’ has an Alt rock feel to it with a big smooth sweeping melodic chorus, I can see this one going down very well live.

‘Peace and Harmony’ is an acoustic harmony drenched ballad with a great guitar hook on the chorus which gets stuck in your head immediately!

I’m really glad I came across these guys as I really dig this EP and I love the unashamedly British rock feel to it. Thanks to the Internet its very easy to get exposed to a lot of sub standard plop, but there is a genuine quality to the Reece songs that makes them stand out and I really hope they get more exposure and reach a wider audience as I think they will go down well with most Hard Rockers.

Track Listing: Fear / I Won’t Let This Go To Waste / Noisebox / Peace and Harmony

EP Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: I Won’t Let This Go To Waste