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Reckless Love - Animal Attraction

posted 10 Sep 2011, 13:31 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 10 Sep 2011, 15:59 ]
(Spinefarm Records)

Review By Woody

Reckless Love exploded onto the melodic rock scene last year and their brand of infectious commercial party rock made them instant favourites with fans! With a sleazy image and huge hair, you’d be forgiven for thinking these guys had just walked of a stage on LA’s sunset strip circa 1986, but believe it or not these guys hail from Finland!

I don’t think Animal Attraction is as good as the debut overall but there ain’t no denying these guys know how to write a killer commercial party rock tune. Although their image implies their sound would be sleazier, what you actually get is Def Leppard and Bon Jovi inspired stadium rock, with huge radio friendly sing-along choruses. It’s all highly polished stuff with hooks aplenty and a lush sound which should cross them over into mainstream circles. Although I can’t see them ever hitting the heights of Bon Jovi given a lot of their saucy (I can’t believe I just used that word!) lyrics and tongue in cheek attitude.

Musically these guys create awesome hook filled songs which are infectious but the thing that lets them down to me is their lyrics which are quite possibly the worst I’ve ever heard, absolutely diabolical! I think the awful lyrics do drag the band down and along with their image could lead people to think they are a gimmick or parody band which is a true shame cause there is some damn fine musicianship shown on the album and their ability to write a killer melody is second to none.

Opener “Animal Attraction” is a driving rocker with an anthemic stadium rock chorus ala Def Leppard. “Speedin” is a guitar driven rocker, but it’s a bit limp and really didn’t grab me at all. “Born To Break Your Heart” is the first real stand out track, infectious, hook ridden and ridiculously catchy as hell! It has some wonderful vocal melodies and guitar licks and a top notch sing-along chorus. This song shows the band at its best, although the lyrics are truly awful.

“Hot” is radio friendly gold, it’s instant and a fabulous up tempo rocker with a feel good factor of 10 (or 11 if your dials go that high). I’m sure this song will fill rock dance floors worldwide! It’s the sort of song everyone loves but refuses to admit it though! “Fantasy” is a mid-tempo ballad inspired by Def Leppard; the guitars on this one are just beautiful. A huge lush harmony overloaded chorus is instant ear candy! “Dirty Dreams” has beyond dreadful lyrics but musically it’s catchy as hell and we’re treated to another lush chorus filled with killer backing vocals and harmonies.

“Dance” is an obvious dance floor filler which is very commercial with its smooth anthemic chorus. “Fight” is a heavier guitar driven rocker which aims to have a shout it out loud chorus, but it just doesn’t have the hooks and falls short of hitting the mark. “Switchblade Babe” is a mid-tempo rocker with a bit of swagger to it, but it is totally forgettable.

“On The Radio” is anthemic stadium rock with a lush sing-along chorus and is perfect summertime radio gold. “Coconuts” is in a word – shite! Uninspired and boring! Bonus UK track “Young & Crazy” closes the album and it’s a pulsating anthemic rocker with gang vocals, its ok but nowt special to me.

If you like party rock with anthemic stadium rock choruses this is for you. This is just pure FUN and you know these guys will kick some ass live, I’m hoping to catch the band at this year’s Hard Rock Hell Festival so here’s hoping I’m right! For me though these songs will get old very quick as it’s a very throwaway collection of songs. I doubt after a few months I’ll return to it, but if you’re looking for something perfect to dance to which you can just shut your brain down too and rock look no further!

Track Listing: Animal Attraction / Speedin’ / Born To Break Your Heart / Hot / Fantasy / Dirty Dreams / Dance / Fight / Switchblade Babe / On The Radio / Coconuts / Young ‘N Crazy

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Born To Break Your Heart

Animal Attraction will be released on the 7th of November and be available from all good retailers and