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Platens - 'Out Of The World'

posted 31 Dec 2014, 14:35 by Paul Woodward

(MelodicRock Records)

Review by Woody

The main man behind Italians Platens is song writing multi instrumentalist Dario Grillo and they have found a new label home with MelodicRock Records. Their debut was released via Frontiers Records in 2004 so this new album has been a long time coming.

‘Out Of The World’ is highly melodic and presents a blend of a lot of elements featured in various genres’s which gives the album a broad crossover appeal. There are some huge typical smooth AOR choruses, but given the heavy edge on most the songs they could appeal to melodic metal fans and given the layered music and atmospherics it has strong symphonic leanings. It’s full of lush musical arrangements and smooth melodies overlaying a powerful and driven back bone which gives the album a powerful metallic touch.

Some of Grillo’s guitar playing is mesmerising and his multi layered compositions create an encapsulating atmosphere. Grillo really does show off his guitar skills and there is plenty of impressive technical stuff on display here. Sometimes the simplest songs are the best and I tend to abhor self indulgent technical music releases but Grillo balances his song writing perfectly showcasing his guitar skills without neglecting the impact of a song to causal listeners.

Grillo is the king of atmospheric song writing all his songs have strong emotive ambiences. If you like your music raw and bare this will not be for you as Grillo throws everything but the kitchen sink into the mix here with every instrument playing an integral part to drawing you into his well crafted musical landscapes. It’s a solid album but stylistically it may not be for everyone so it’s worth noting that this album makes bigger impressions on you with each repeated listen.

My favourite songs admittedly are the ones that have immediate impact and have the most obvious AOR flavoured choruses and ‘Running’, ‘Time Will Tell’ and ‘I Still Search For You’ are definitely songs any fan of strong melodic music should lend an ear to. They have chosen to cover Robert Tepper’s ‘No Easy Way Out’ made famous by its prominent use in Eighties classic Rocky 4. As a huge fan of the song it’s hard to not favour it when listening to this album. They have stayed faithful to the original and maintain its powerful impact but they have perhaps made it a little heavier and I really enjoy their take on it as I’m sure all fans of the original will.

‘Out Of The World’ is a bombastic full force blast of highly polished atmospheric melodic hard rock. If you love lots of big keyboard’s, multi layered symphonic music which is highly polished this album should tick all your boxes.

Track Listing: Running / Time Will Tell / You Won’t Bring Me Down / Ask Yourself / I Still Search For You / Sometimes I Miss You / Last Final Time / Don’t Leave Me Alone / Deep In My Heart / No Easy Way Out / Save Me

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: I Still Search For You