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Phil Vincent - 'Slave To Sin'

posted 26 Jun 2014, 13:04 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

Phil Vincent is always working on one project or another, he’s just completed his sixth album with Legion and released an album with Tragik but Slave To Sin is a full on solo album. He’s written, recorded, mixed and mastered everything here himself but he does have some guitar additions from his Legion band mate Black Country guitarist Vince O’Regan.

Slave To Sin is an eclectic mix of songs and influences which is suitably different from his other bands which gives it its own identity. Ranging from aggressive metallic edged numbers like ‘Slave To Sin’ and ‘Rise’, soft rockers like ‘Take Me Back’ and ‘Mystery’, beautiful atmospheric ballads ‘Illusion’ and ‘Let Me Be The One’, fun time melodic rock with ‘Bad Girl’ and even progressive elements on the four part ‘Harmonic Destruction’. It feels like Vincent has collected here a bunch of songs he is proud of and wants to get out there regardless of style, this album isn’t about world domination and it has a gentle nature to it which really appeals to me.

It’s not an album that gets me screaming from the roof tops but it is an enjoyable collection and will definitely keep established Vincent fans happy as they will relish his adventurous song writing here. I have to admit I find the album artwork quite distracting, the pictures of scantily clad ladies is obviously to tie in with the title track Slave To Sin but if you can manage to stop been distracted by the artwork you’ll see there’s more this album than some mild titillation.

It is the softer tracks that I appreciate most here more so than the harder track as I’m enjoying hearing what Vincent has created with his softer tracks. ‘Take Me Back’ and ‘Mystery’ have wonderful sweeping melodious choruses and Vincent doesn’t shy away from using vocal and backing harmonies to accentuate any part of the songs especially on the choruses. The harder tracks wouldn’t fit on a Legion album as they are far more aggressive and metallic so it’s good that he doesn’t go over to similar ground from a listener’s perspective and also allows Vincent to explore other areas of his song writing. The atmospheric ballads are really well done and have a beautiful edge to them especially ‘Let Me Be The One’ that has a really uplifting vibe to it.

It’s not going to win any awards but it is a solid melodic rock album that will definitely keep many genre fans happy, definitely worth checking out especially if you’re already a fan of the man’s previous output.

Track Listing: Slave To Sin / Take Me Back / Mystery / Rise / Illusion / Bad Girl / Let Me Be The One / Harmonic Destruction

Album Rating: 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Bad Girl